When we lose a moderator to the disease of Cholangiocarcinoma, we lose

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    Hear hear Marion,

    To me ,Kris along with many others was a fantastic source of support in the early days with coming to terms with my Dad’s sudden diagnosis and death from cc.

    She selflessly allowed her wisdom, knowledge and first hand experience to be shared so freely. How difficult that must have been especially as she got sicker…..

    May she Rest in Peace with the other brave souls who have succumbed to cc.



    Those three, plus so many more! There were so many that helped me and Tom when we began this journey 4 1/2 years ago. They are all gone….. I feel so sad that it’s hard to come on here any more. We constantly have new members but I feel bad that all of these new people will never know Jeff and Peter and Kris and Teddy and Kristen and Jerry D. and Caroline and on and on. They all had so much experience and wisdom and wit to share and they did so selflessly. It really seems hopeless… this cancer is a monster. I’ve had experience with other cancers that can actually be “cured” and people can rest easy that it won’t return. I don’t think that’s possible with this one. You always have to look over your shoulder and wait for the hammer to drop. Tom will be five years out from diagnosis in June and I just wonder every day when we will get the bad news. Every gas pain, bout of heartburn, nausea, chill, makes me think the good times will be over. I honestly don’t see how they can continue very long. This cancer is relentless. The Drs. have always said so and unfortunately I’m afraid they are right.
    I’m sorry, Kris’s death has really hit me hard. I knew it would. It seems so unfair for so many beautiful people to die so young. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it…. just tears. Mary


    I am so very sad. For Teddy, Kris and Kristen…..

    Well now baby, tell me how have you been
    We all have missed you
    And the way you grin
    The day is necessary every now and then
    For souls to move on
    Givin’ life back again and again
    Fly on, fly on
    Fly on my friend
    Go on live again, love again…

    Stevie Ray Vaughan

    still crying,


    Peter, Jeff, and now our Kris selflessly devoted their time and energy to comfort us, to guide us, to support us, and to cheer us on in our world of Cholangiocarcinoma.

    They have forever imprinted their words of wisdom, compassion, caring, kindness, and insatiable sense of humor, on this site and in our hearts.

    Above all I admire their honesty in which they allowed us witness their very own approach to this cancer, as they have left behind a legacy of courageousness and compassion.

    Rest in peace you wonderful people. You have made our world a better place.

    I humbly salute you.


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