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    don’t worry too much and enjoy this chemo free vacation till Feb.9;
    as a patient myself, no matter what stage of cancer we are in, we still live scan to scan and that is why you should not worry too much whether the new clinical trial works or not or the cummulative efffects of the chemotherapy treatment.
    I took Gemzar for 14 months,and a lot of patients taking chemo for life and still have a relatively good quality of life.
    Please let me know about your treatment plan once it gets going.
    God bless


    yes the clinical trial is phase 1b i dont know the number my parents have the paper i just hope it works i don`t mind all the side effects as long as it works the most frustrating part is being on it waiting all that time and finding out its not working :( Was just curious if it worked for others but i guess everyone is different and won`t know untill the results come. I start on feb 9th! Is it true that after taking so much chemo all the time you get sick just from the chemo killing all the cells


    I have been on Xeloda & Irinotecan since early December. The only side effects I have had are diarrhea, finger tips peeling and tiredness. Don’t know if it is working yet, but I have a CT scan scheduled for next Wednesday!


    I was on xeloda and Gemzar for 20 months and it just stopped working. At the beginning I had the red and sore feet with peeling. My doctor kept the dose, but only had me take it 5 days instead of 7. That really helped me. This was my only problem with xeloda.


    Under the experience forum on this web site,there is an adverse reaction and side effect section talking about “capecitabine(Xeloda) side effects” experiences as well as stats.
    But I think the most side effects of your clinical trial will come from the new drug especially in the phase 1 clinical trial that I think you will be on because you mentioned there is no name but only a number assign to the drug only.
    High blood pressure,high blood sugar, abnormal liver enzymes level are just to name a few.
    But if you know the new drug’s name or the assigned number,I can look it up for you of more side effects or adverse reactions.
    God bless.


    I took xeloda during radiation and didn’t have any side effects. I think it was a lower dose since it was combined with radiation, though. I know a lot of people on here of had hand/foot issues, peeling skin on their feet. My oncologsit said she didn’t think I would get this side effect at the dose I was on. I’m confused about the clinical trial. Is there another medication being used in combination with the xeloda? Best of luck to you with the treatment. I hope you are in the 10%!!!

    Best wishes!



    So after i found out cisplatin and gemzar wasnt working for me they are going to put me on xeloda and a new clinical trial which has never been used and has not been named yet it is just a number still. I am going to have to spend some nights in the hospital for observation of side effect of the new drug. I was told this only had 10% chance of working but all my options at this point have 10% chance of working. Has anyone been on xeloda and had any results with it? They also told me that after so much chemo i might start getting sick just from being on chemo for so long?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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