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    I’m sorry for your sister’s newest bump on the roller coaster.
    I will say that when I was on oxaliplatin, I had a few lesions on my liver that came and went on the CT scans.
    I hope it turns out to be nothing. I will keep her in my prayers.


    Hi, sallypa,

    Just in case ,the following info may be of helpful.

    “(My own experience told me that MRI with contrast is a good “follow-up” alternative to use right after initial CT with contrast shown inconclusive report in the early stages of CC development ).Using MRI or PET to rule out recurrence or give the patient an early and more options to treat the recurrence while the CC is smaller than 2-3cm.MRI can also find additional small lesions which CAT SCAN missed. “
    ‘Additional info. from uptodate.com
    MRI and CAT SCAN (CT) have similar resolution for liver lesions.
    CT has been considered to be superior to MRI for evaluating extrahepatic organs and calcifications. MRI is more specific than CT for differentiating cavernous hemangiomas,diffuse hepatic steatosis and focal fatty infiltration.
    Also MRI should be reserved for the evaluation of lesions less than 2 cm,or lesions located adjacent to the heart or to major intrahepatic vessels.
    If you are allergic to the IV iodinated contrast agent used for CT,then MRI is the alternative because the contrast agent used is different than CT. and MRI is not involved radiation .”
    I hope the above info. helps.
    God bless;.


    Dear Sally, I am sorry for the bumps your Sister is getting. I understand that chemo/radiation keeps on working for several months after it is stopped. Like the ever ready Rabbit, it keeps on ticking. Good news I guess would be that what ever they see is small enough that they can’t tell yet what it is. I don’t think you will get one nano second of an argument here that CC needs more research and more attention! You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have!


    my sister has been on this treatment for two cycles with severe side effects that i have talked about before. last week they gave her an additional week off because she was having a lot of pain in her stomach. a ct scan was ordered and yesterday we got the results that they “see something near her liver” they claim they dont know what it is and have ordered an mri on wednesday. they have stopped her chemo until they get these results saying they arent sure if this protocol is working. when they say something like “seeing something” or “we dont know if it is working” it shows how little i think they know about this terrible disease. the dr said they are not going to give her the oxiliplatin again because of the side effects and will just keep her on the xeloda. i dont know what to think about all of this and i am trying to stay positive. so much more research and attention needs to be paid to this cancer but it is not getting the attention of the medical community and i dont understand it. right now my sister is feeling the best she has in a while since she hasnt had any chemo in two weeks but is that allowing the cancer to grow in the meantime. i guess all we can do is pray that a cure or even a more effective treatment can be found. we are praying the mri comes back with good news. it would be nice to get some of that kind of news sometimes.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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