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    Hello to all,

    My name is Steve from Boise Idaho. I was diagnosed with IHCC in July 2016 after my ortho doc discovered a spot that didn’t belong during a MRI of my T-spine. I had no symptoms and my liver function was normal. After a ERCP I was referred to University of Utah with Dr. Robin Kim. I had surgery in September for a planned resection of the left lobe. When Dr. Kim got inside he found out from a intra operative ultra-sound that there were two small spots outside the liver on the peritoneum. They were sampled and confirmed as adenocarcinoma, so the resection was not completed. I am being treated now at the Mountain States Tumor Institute (MSTI) by Dr. Dan Zuckerman in Boise. have been doing chemo – Gemzar/Cisplatin since the end of September and have tolerated it fairly well with no sickness or neuropathy and my hair still stands. So far my CA-19-9 has been dropping from a high of 218 to 120 and 130 for the last two tests, and my liver function tests are still in the normal range, The C-T scans have shown no growth or additional spread. In fact the last scan Dr. Dan said he didn’t see much of anything. My last chemo treatment will be May 10th and then go into monitor mode. In fact my wife and I are going on a trip to France in May.
    I have confidence in Dr. Zuckerman as he is very open to discussion, doesn’t sugar coat the discussion (not brutal, just honest) and is connected with colleagues at MD Anderson, Dana Farber, Mass General, UCSF and Mayo. He did his oncology residency at Dana Farber.
    I have been looking at this website since last summer. I also have a site set up to keep friends and family informed of events.

    Bash on regardless as my old ski partner Patrick used to say,


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