Light it Green for CCA

Please help participate in CCF’s Light it Green for CCA project! CCF hopes to share awareness far and wide this year!

February of 2022 begins Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month, a CCF campaign established to raise awareness. As part of February’s events, we will continue our Light It Green for CCA project, where we hope to light buildings, homes, hospitals, towers, and bridges green to spread awareness.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Check the list of buildings in your town/city that will light green:
  1. Download the Light it Green for CCA form and fill it out and send it to the appropriate contact:
  1. Send an email of confirmation to Allison Deragon at once the building you requested to light green has been approved.

If you would like us to send an official press release of a building in your area that is confirmed to light green, please contact Jennifer Weaver at Jennifer can also give you tips on how to contact local media if desired.

Declare February 12 as Cholangiocarcinoma Day

In addition to lighting buildings green, we are also seeking each state to declare February 12, 2022, as Cholangiocarcinoma Day. If you’re interested please download our Proclamation and fill it out and send it to the appropriate contact.

Share your pictures with us!

Please upload your green pictures to our Dropbox so that we can share with our community

We invite you to use #GreenforCCA when posting on social media.