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    You wrote:
    “One more question has anyone had surgery after a resection to remove a lesion? I had the right side of my liver removed but I’m working with a full otherwise healthy liver except for the lesion.”

    Yes, I had 2 liver resections within 2 years.(is that what you mean about the lesion?)
    what lesion and may I ask how big it is;why cannot use RFA to ablate the lesion by the interventional radiologist if it is under 3cm? It the lesion too close to major organs ,artery or veins? The reason is simple, it is much easier to take than the chemotherapy you mention.and if it is not contraindicated,most of the time you will have little or no side effect.
    The only thing I would consider chemotherapy first is if your primary diagnosis 24 months ago is extrahepatic or Hilar CCA instead of intrahepatic.

    Below are some(not all) information for ABRAXANE( a protein-bound paclitaxel.belong to the TAXOL family—from drug manufacture web site.

    Patients who have a severe allergic reaction to ABRAXANE should not take the drug again
    If you have a very low white blood cell count, you should not take ABRAXANE. If your white blood cell count goes down while taking ABRAXANE, you should stop taking it until your white blood cell count returns to normal. If your white blood cell count drops very low, your doctor will lower your dose of ABRAXANE
    People treated with ABRAXANE often have a side effect called sensory neuropathy, a numbness, tingling, or burning in the hands, feet, and ankles. If you get mild sensory neuropathy, you will probably not have to lower your dose of ABRAXANE. If sensory neuropathy becomes severe, you may have to stop taking ABRAXANE until it improves, and then continue treatment at a lower dose
    Treatment with ABRAXANE can make liver problems worse. If you have liver problems, your starting dose of ABRAXANE should be lowered
    ABRAXANE contains albumin (human), a derivative of human blood
    If you are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, ABRAXANE can harm your unborn baby. Women who may become pregnant should use effective birth control (contraception). Talk to your doctor about the best way to prevent pregnancy while receiving ABRAXANE
    Because it is not known if ABRAXANE passes into your breast milk, you and your doctor should decide if you will receive ABRAXANE or breastfeed
    Men should not father a child during treatment with ABRAXANE. ABRAXANE can harm the unborn baby of your partner
    In a clinical trial, severe heart and blood vessel side effects occurred in approximately 3% of patients taking ABRAXANE. Side effects included chest pain, heart attack, fluid under the skin, blood clots in the veins or lungs, and high blood pressure. Stroke and heart failure were reported
    The most common side effects of ABRAXANE included:
    Hair loss
    Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet
    Abnormal heartbeat
    Joint and muscle pain
    Changes in your liver function tests
    Low red blood cell count (anemia). Tell your doctor if you feel weak, tired or short of breath
    Infections. If you have a fever (temperature of greater than 100.4º F) or other signs of infection, tell your doctor right away
    Other side effects included vision problems, kidney problems, fluid retention, liver problems, and allergic reactions, and a decrease in blood clotting cells (platelets). Dehydration and fever have also been reported
    Treatment with ABRAXANE can cause irritation where the medicine is injected (injection site reactions). When taking ABRAXANE, you should be monitored by your doctor or nurse to make sure no problems occur at the injection site
    It is not known whether ABRAXANE interacts with other drugs, so be sure to tell your doctor about any medicines you are taking
    ABRAXANE has not been studied in children or in people with kidney problems

    Please see full Prescribing Information, including Boxed WARNING, CONTRAINDICATIONS, WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS, and ADVERSE REACTIONS.
    God bless.


    Hello Chica!! I hope you gets tons of information on this site about your chemo. We will survive together!!


    Kris: So sorry to hear about the ‘lesion’ on your liver. My husband Tom had lesions and his oncologist was not worried at all about the lesions because they were not tumors.

    Tom was on Xleoda, pill form and tolerated it very well. He never had any reactions to it. After that he was on Gemzar and Cisplatin and also tolerated that very well. It wasn’t until he started on 5-FU that he experienced any reaction and that could be because he was already so worn down from the cancer itself and all the other issues he was dealing with, along with a large weight loss.

    The radiation treatments actually were worse for him then the chemo.

    He never ‘lost’ his hair, it only thinned out a bit. I thought it was rather funny that all he was worried about was loosing his hair from the chemo. I never realized that he was so vain and he said “I spent 63 years growing this hair and I’m kinda partial to it”….

    Hope all goes well with your treatment and that you tolerate it as well as my Tom did.



    I’m right outside Philadelphia. I’ve been thru Phillipsburg many many times. It’s prob a litte more than an hour away. I will actually be in Plumsteadville on Sat. morning, as long as the side effects from the Xeloda stay away. That’s not far from you. I have meetings once a month in Plumsteadville on Sat. mornings, provided I feel well enough to go to them. Maybe one of these Saturdays we can meet in the middle after a meeting? I’m hoping to have my resection in June (it was supposed to be today) so June and July are probably out…
    I used to live near Morristown also. I didn’t know they had a cc dept. If not, I hope your new onc talks to the old one because this cancer is so rare. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you beat this again…


    I did receive Gemzar before and after my resection and had no problems with that at all…I had my surgery at Mt Sinai hospital in NY…Dr Myron Schwart was surgeon I still see him every 4 months and that is where they picked up the recurrence…after my surgery he recommended Dr Howard Bruckner for my adjuvant chemo at that time he was at NY Downtown Hospital and I did have 6 months of chemo there…problem is he moved to the Bronx…past Yankee Stadium right by the NY Bontanical Gardens…I did have 1 visit there and it took me 3 hours…traffic at the GWB is always a beast….Dr Schwartz called an oncologist at Morristown Memorial Hospital…a Dr Stephen Schreibman…I saw him on Monday and I like him very much…this is a much better commute for me it is only 50 minutes..I will have chemo for 3 months and then re-scan to see if the lesion can be removed….praying for that and for everyone else who is struggling with this disease…Where is Willow Grove? I’m 5 minutes from Easton PA and about 20 from Bethlehem PA.


    I can’t help you with the chemo. I just started on Xeloda. I get Gemzar every 2 weeks, which just makes me tired for a day. Xeloda I’m not sure of yet.
    I am so sorry you have to go thru this again.
    Where do you go for treatment? You aren’t that far from me. I travel to Sloan Kettering in NYC.


    Lainy…Thanks so much for thinking of me…you give so much of yourself to this website…it is truly a beautiful thing! God Bless..


    Nancy, I am so sorry you hve to go through this, BUT it sure sounds like you have found the right ONC and that is one of the biggest parts of the battle. Can’t help you on the chemo, just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you!


    Hello to all…I went for my 26 month Ct scan in March which showed a lesion on my liver…then had a PET scan one week later…yup its back..I guess the good news is that the PET scan showed no cancer anywhere else except the liver. My surgeon wants to shrink the tumor before trying to remove it. I saw a new oncologist because my old one moved about three hours from me..I like my new onc very much..I have a few questions about the chemo regimen I will be on it is called GAX ..I will take 14 days of Xeloda 2 in the a.m….2 in the p.m. and on days 4 and 9 I will receive IV Gemzar and Abraxane…on days 3,4,5 and days 10,11,12 I will take Nexavar 2 x daily..thankfully he gave me a calendar! So my questions are has anyone been on this chemo regimen? and if so how was it tolerated? I know everyone tolerates meds differently but I had no side effects from the G-FLIP I on was on after my resection and am hoping for the same this time. One more question has anyone had surgery after a resection to remove a lesion? I had the right side of my liver removed but I’m working with a full otherwise healthy liver except for the lesion. As always I’m thankful that I found this website back in 09….and to all the people who post here you are inspiring, intelligent, comforting and just about 100 other things…there really is no other place like this so I will thank everyone in advance for sharing with me.

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