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    Hi Rev. Wayne,

    Thank you for your note and hope that all is well.  Good to hear you have linked up with a major cancer center.

    Is the chemo you mentioned adjuvant, namely a precautionary treatment after surgery?  Or did your doctors find a recurrence?

    If adjuvant, gem-cis is a common choice but there are other regimens that patients have followed.  The BILCAP (capecitabine) regimen that showed good results in a recent study would be one – it has the advantage of being entirely in pill form which is more convenient than infusions.  Gemcitabine alone, gemcitabine plus capecitabine, and gem-cap plus radiation are among other adjuvant therapy options that have been used.  Oncologists will have very specific reasons for the regimen they recommend – but it is important that as a patient you ask about the choice and review what other options may be out there.

    If the treatment is not adjuvant, gem-cis is the usual first go-to chemo for CCA.  As Gavin noted, there are a lot of posts on this board about gem-cis experiences that can be found via the search engine.

    If you will be having chemo infusions, your doctor will likely discuss your getting a port, an option that many patients find helpful in reducing any discomfort from the infusions.

    I hope your appointment at Mayo goes well and brings you a great way forward.

    Regards, Mary



    Hi Wmeisel,

    Thanks for letting us all know about your starting the chemo at Mayo next week. The regime that you mention, Gem/Cis is very common for starting off with for CC patients and I know that there are a ton of posts here on the site from the members who either they or their loved one has gone through that combo. The “search forum” function at the side of the discussion board home page will throw up all of the discussions on these chemos. I did a quick search for you and it threw up this –

    You can modify your search to narrow it down etc to look for specific topics around Gem Cis too if you want. But I do know that there are a lot of postings on the site about that combo. I can’t offer any personal experiences as my dad never had chemo but hopefully others will be along soon to share their own experiences with you. Here’s another good link for you as well.

    Please let us know how things go and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Best wishes,



    Hi Community,

    Sorry to go so deep in the weeds of chemo with not much of a hello or how was your day.

    I head to the Mayo Clinic next week and will meet with an oncologist for the first time. It looks like they are considering cisplatin with gemcitabine.. As anyone had the cocktail before. Any thoughts on how it worked, side effects and how long? Effectiveness? I had surgery on September and I think it went as well as could be expected

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