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    Today was my first CT after two cycles of Gemcitabine and Cisplatin. Prior to the treatment, I had a large liver tumor, some lymph node involvement, and some nodules in and around the head of my pancreas. The only hope that I’d been given was to pray that the chemotherapy controlled the spread, do chemoembolization to beat up the liver tumor, and then do massive, risky surgery including a liver resection and whipple.

    Well, my surgeon was shocked by the progress that I’d made in two cycles. He said that the pancreatic disease was controlled; there was no further spread; and the liver tumor shrank substantially. The docs couldn’t give me a percentage reduction in size, but said that it was, “conclusive and exceptional.” They also said that if the tumor continued to shrink, the surgery would be much less risky.

    I’ll have another cycle of this, please! The docs agreed that we’d stay the course on the gem/cis for now and reevaluate regarding chemoembolization after another cycle. They also told me that they weren’t planning to do any surgery before the New Year. Unless something drastically changes, it will be a great holiday in my household!

    This is the first real, positive news that I’ve had since I was diagnosed back in July. I realize that I’ve got a long road ahead, but am celebrating this victory!


Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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