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    it is sacrelige to call a beignet a donut, nay, heresey!! but yes, we ate them… and ate them… and ate them… and then ate king cake…. for breakfast, lunchndessert, and late nite snacks… we ate…..


    Hey, Derin! You are not a whiner, legit reason to freak! I have not read of this before but I guess unusual people get unusual things especially when they devour fried foods! Got to treat yourself now and then, right? Did you have beignets (the donuts)? I would guess this is easier to take care of then if the CC had returned but wow, I can imagine your thoughts. Wishing you the best and sure hope the storms melt before you get there! Always so good to hear from you. Yes a little road bump!


    What’s up everyone! Long time no post… ok, bad news, last Monday urine started to get darker, itching started up again. Legit cause to freak out… bloodwork had elevated liver functions and biliruben 1.8 (i know, I’m a whiner with this low a level compared to most everyone else…). did CT Friday, scan showed no sign of recurrence (PS, that’s the good news! 2.5 years now…) scan sent to Sloan Kettering, apparently scar tissue is closing the new bile duct (and the fact that 8 days in New Orleans eating a crap ton of fried food didn’t help either) causing a stricture. I am headed to NY (great time of year for that) after my DC trip this weekend. instead of home Monday, 3am train from Union Station to Penn Station and taxi directly to ER where they admit me, do blood, and set up for an angioplasty type procedure with a baloon to stretch the scar tissue. they leave a stent in for 2-3 weeks where i can fly home and work, i fly back for removal and should be good to go… Question: this happen to anyone else????? normal occurrence??

    The way I see it, just another bump in the road in this journey… Whatca think????

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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