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    My heart goes out to you. You are such a wonderful advocate and supportive person, I can’t imagine what you are going through having to give up your loving care to someone else…but you know things turn out the way they need to. All of us are here for you at anytime. Please feel the support of this entire family.



    I am so sorry they are not responding to Ts needs. I could really have a big bout of potty mouth right now. My hospice team just left me about 20 1G (yeah the good stuff) tylonal. I could sneak it to you…it is in suppository form so you could give T a good pinch while you are at it. I can always ask for more…the drugs they have me on make me forget where my feet are.

    Hopefully things got straightened out today. Hugs, prayers and warm thoughts,



    Lainy, thinking of you and Teddy. I hope everything is better.


    Dear Lainy, it’s a good thing swearing is not a polite way to express ones feelings. I feel for you as a dear friend. Get them people straightened up. Thinking of YOU and Teddy. Tommy


    My thoughts and prayers are with both of you. Teddy is so very lucky to have such a strong person fighting for him.


    I’ve been thinking about you and Teddy all day. My prayers are with you.


    I am sorry that the hospice center is not making things easier on you but harder. Keep on them and make sure you are completely comfortable and happy with the care both you and Teddy are getting. I am praying that you and Teddy find peace and comfort.


    Lainy, may peace be with you and patience on your side. I am praying for you and Teddy, together and separate. May you be watched over and taken good care of. We all love you!


    Oh Lainy,

    I would be utterly annoyed over the Tylenol. With my dad, we already give him whatever he needs to be comfortable. I cannot believe an inpatient hospice is concerned over acetaminophen. I hope you get them straightened out quickly and Teddy is comfortable.



    Dear Lainy,

    I am very sorry to hear what Teddy is going through right now and this level of care is not right. I hope that you managed to get something done about this today and that Teddy is much more comfortable. Thinking of you both.

    Big Hug,




    Is T in a inpatient hospice place or in the hospital? The hospital was good about giving Wayne the meds. In fact they took him off some of the meds when we transfered to inpatient hospice. One of the first things they did when we got there was to call a social worker in for me and my daughter and a hospice doctor in for Wayne. The doctor talked to us about two hours after he saw Wayne. We were only inpatient for 27 hours but during that time he received the most excellent care. He only was in pain one time that he screamed out when they were turning him to change the sheets, he had thrown up blood, the aide ask him “Mr. Sanders what is hurting you.” He said in a loud voice, “You are.” This was one of the last times that he spoke.

    Tell them you need to talk to the hospice doctor, they are familar with all cancers, they know what they are talking about.

    I pray that y’all have a better day today, and that God looks over and keeps y’all in his hands.

    We all wish we could be there to help you, we could all fuss and cry together.




    Lainy – You are taking care of business, as always. You will get everything straightened out for your love. I agree that he should not have pain and not have to ask for medication. Bless him and you. I am so glad that you are in his corner and fighting for him. I think every patient MUST have their advocate. T doesn’t have the strength to fight this so God has you there to fight for him. I love you for that. Hopefully you had a good night’s rest and are ready for the challenges of today. We are with you in spirit and in prayer. Love you, Susan


    Oh Lainy, I’m so sorry they are not taking care of Teddy the way they should be. I hope you rested last night and got things sorted out today. Worried about his liver??? Really???? Praying for a MUCH better day today… all my thoughts are with you…




    As you have been his caregiver these last 5 months – you, more than anyone else, know exactly what Teddy needs and when he needs it. I am hopeful that the nurse you spoke with has taken your counsel to heart and will assure that Teddy is receiving the level of care, in the timeframes you know are best.

    I know that with my dad while the staff at the hospice was very good (and always responsive when I asked for something), I was the one who knew exactly when the last round of med was wearing off and he was going to need more. With each shift we would get into a rhythm and then I


    Lainy – We had Hospice in our home and I think things are different when you are able to do that….I was able to keep my eye on everything that was going on. However, I will tell you – as great as they were – it was very weird for me to have total strangers in my home 24/7. After two days, I dismissed them and took care of things myself, with just a daily 30 minute visit from Hospice.

    I’m sorry things are such a mess for you and your Teddy right now. I agree about the Tylenol – what difference does it make at this point. Bring some with you and give it to him yourself! The heck with everyone else….


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