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    Welcome Janet,
    Everyone reacts differently to chemo but there are options to make it easier. I had a lot of nausea and we kept trying new meds till we found the one that worked best for me and that was Emend. I am sorry you had to find us but glad you will have the support of this amazing group.


    Janet –
    Welcome to the best group. This is a tough road and you will be glad to have the support of everyone here.
    My husband had Roux-en-Y procedure which is similar to a Whipple but does not involve the pancreas. I understand about the craziness of surgery and the Murphy’s Law that surrounds it. He had a lot of complications and a lot of hospitalizations too. The good news is that he is now 17 months out from surgery and is still cancer free.
    Hand in there as best you can and remember you can ask any thing here. There is no question that we would not try to answer.



    Dear Janet, you have come to the best place to be for CC support, advice and new family. I feel so bad for your husband as if he didn’t have enough without the CC.! He sounds like a real warrior and he must have a good attitude as attitude is everything. Read up as much as you can as knowledge is out best tool for fighting CC. We also believe in other opinions to leave no stone unturned. Try to take each day at a time and please keep us updated on his progress as we truly care.


    Hi and welcome to our group. I don’t have a lot to add, but as someone who is also going through treatment for CC (surgery followed by chemo) this year and also having had a heart attack 12 years ago, I can not imagine the fortitude your husband must have to get through everything he has.

    Renal failure, heart attack, failed surgery, complications and now chemo……he’s one trooper as are you for being there for him as a caregiver. Any one of those things is enough to stop most people in their tracks.

    You are doing the right thing in seeking out information about CC and educating yourself as fully as possible. There are no dumb questions… I’ve found out myself. Sometimes, there’s someone on the board who has an answer, but other times we won’t. If we have no suggestions…..I can guarantee you that there are many praying for you and your husband …many more than the ones who post. This is an emotional as well as phsyical disease and affects not just the patients but also their caretakers and other close friends and family. We’re all here for each other to hold each other up.

    Hang in there.
    Julie t.


    Soujourne……a warm welcome to you. You have come to the right place for support and sharing of information. I can’t think of a better group of people then those you will encounter right here, on the discussion board.

    As we have learned and you have experienced, not everyone is able to undergo surgery for this cancer. As in your husband’s case, other treatment options are available. Happy to see that he is faring quite well with chemotherapy and I wish for all good things to continue.

    This site offers a good amount of information especially for those newly diagnosed:
    You may want to take a look at these links:
    Newly diagnosed:
    and the free complimentary Book or e-mail download:

    For an entire overview, you may want to take a look at the home page:

    I am sure that others will share their thoughts with you as well. Please know that weekends are less visited, but be assured that others will chime in real soon.



    Hi Everyone,
    My husband was diagnosed on September 5th 2014 with CC after a failed Whipple. We have had 4 months of hospital stays starting out with him going into Renal Failure which started it all, failed surgery. several complications and a heart attack in the midst of it all.
    He is now in his second week of chemo and so far so good. We know that as the treatments progress that side effects will rear there ugly head, but know that the Lord is covering us through this battle. He’s been there for us from the very beginning and we depend on His guidance and strength that has been unfailing during this storm.
    We are still learning about this disease and will be reading and researching what we can find.
    We want to thank you all for posting your stories that have lifted us up during a very unsure time in our lives. I’m sure I will be asking a lot of questions and continuing to seek out this community for support in the coming months.
    In Him Always,

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