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    I did that, and didn’t see anything. But I tried to post the earlier comment and it errored on me. Guess cc.org and my computer were fighting.
    I’ll look now. Thanks, Marion


    Kris…Grover posted yesterday and the day before.
    This is how you can find it:
    Go to top,
    click on “Grover”
    go to: “Post and Topics”
    go to: “View all Grover’s Posts”
    it will line up nicely beginning with the latest posting. And, you can answer it.
    Good luck,


    Grover: Where are you??? I haven’t seen you post her all week! I hope everything is okay.



    At this point, you’re on the “other side” as it is Friday and I sit in my weekly chemo session trolling the boards to see what is new… Shardy’s posts were all positive yesterday, and we’re all waiting for an update. Take what Marions says to heart, get one of those pillows, cause if you cough, it freakin’ hurts! Also, DO NOT try to use your abs to sit up or shift, use the hanging bar and your arms. I learned this the hard way and saw stars… All the best….


    Good Luck Grover, sending love and hugs your way for a speedy and healthy recovery!!!!!



    I’m “Feeling the Luv” and the prayers.

    I just saw the pathologist at our small town hospital who has been interested and following my progress since he created the biopsy report last June that said I had cancer. Very interesting connection and comments. It started out that he couldn’t believe what he read, and in talking to my family doctor who told him I was a very healthy patient and he couldn’t believe it either. The Path. has stayed in contact with the Dr. to follow the progress, there has been some strange contacts that he has had with close friends at key points in this journey as it changed direction. He stated this am, that just last night he was mentioning my name and case to a friend, and within 24 hours we are talking with each other??????? Weird, Unusual, Spooky, or God’s presence

    Maybe I am some kind of “miracle walking”. I owe all the glory to God, as medicine alone can’t explain it.

    My daughter who is also on this board “shardy” will be giving some updates here in the next couple of days.

    Thanks again, see you on the other side “of surgery only”



    Good Luck Grover!



    Grover -YEA and good luck!!!! I am so excited for you. So much good advice being given to you by our CC family. The “use your pain meds” is very important, you can’t deal with pain and keep your body rested. What people don’t understand when we have surgery our bodies have been ravaged and poisened by chemo/ radiation so we are in bad state to begin. Most surgeries would be cancelled if you had a sinus infection!!! I had hard time understanding after first transplant why everyone was up walking and leaving with in 2-5 days and I was still there 2 weeks later (I felt like a wimp), and my doctor explained to me “you wouldn’t drink poison and have surgery!”
    Lots and lots of prayers-Cathy


    Good luck! Can’t wait for your update.


    Grover, your Blog is just terriffic! I do have one suggestion for you when you wake up from your nap on Thursday. When I woke up from my surgery 2 years ago I had the lovely tube in the throat. While it is not horrible it can be a tad scratchy. I immediately asked for a bottle of Chloraseptic spray and it helped immensely. People were upset as they thought I wouldn’t be up to talking. Fooled them! And now I am not just praying for you but I am praying for God to come through the surgeon’s hands!



    The pictures on your blog are hysterical!! Prior to my resection, I joked with my sister I would be running out of pre-op holding with my rear end hanging out of my hospital gown and she better drag me back in. So, I know the feeling of being afraid of the surgery. I must say though, I have had a resection, chemo, radiation and more chemo and the resection was probably the easiest. It was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I had a PCA for 2 days and then didn’t need anything for pain after that. But, everyone is different, so if you need it, take it. Now is not the time to be a hero.
    Make sure you do your coughing and deep breathing and walk. Marion is right about using the pillow when coughing. It will help a lot.
    I am so very happy for you and again wish you the best. I look forward to your post resection updates.



    Good luck, Grover!!!

    Looking forward to your post-surgery posts.

    Best wishes,


    Good luck, Grover. Make sure to have the pillow handy and press it against your abdomen while coughing. I will keep my eye on your blog for any developing news.
    Hugs and love,


    Hi Grover,

    Hope everything goes well with your resection on Thursday, and that you will be feeling fine in no time. Sending many positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hugs, PeggyP


    I’d love to see a picture of you in your cheerleading outfit. Ha!Ha!


    Dear Grover,

    I wish you the best of luck on Thursday. You are so lucky to be able to have a resection, so just remember that. I will pray for everything to go well and for you to come through the surgery with flying colors!! Take care, Captain and smooth sailing ahead!!

    Love, -Pam & Lauren

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