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Medicare and liver transplant

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    Marksis……I was not aware of CA Medicare carrying liver transplantations for CC patients. I only recall a Texas attorney reaching out to the foundation 7 years ago asking for support in fighting the State of Texas and the case was won.


    Sis –
    Medicare can be quite frustrating and quite often the system works backwards from what it should. Each state is handled differently so what Medicare will pay for in one state is not necessarily what you will get in another. Just as Medicare reimbursement rates are different from state to state…..Medicare actually punishes states that use their Medicare dollars wisely by giving them less money and states that don’t manage get more. They also won’t pay for a lot of preventative stuff that would save millions of dollars in the long run……an example is a quadraplegic who has an extremely high risk of pressure ulcers, they will not pay for a pressure relieving mattress until the person has bed sores. So let’s close the barn door after then horse ran off.
    It very frustrating and I battle it every day. One thing I will say though, is if you are denied something because it is not covered in your state then contact your Representatives and Senators, that can sometimes get those rulings changed.



    Hi! Anybody have any further info on this? Medicare in CA will cover liver transplant for CC, but Medicare in Indiana won’t. WTH??? :P


    Brenda…as far as I know, liver transplantations for intrahepatic CC are covered by Medicare in the State of Texas only. In fact, we supported an attorney who handled the matter. Don’t know if any other States have followed suit. Hope this helped.


    Does anyone have up to date info about medicare paying for Liver transplant when the person has cholangiocarinoma? I would like to hear from others about this. It seems that we are waiting for Medicares clearance in order for my husband to be put on the list for a liver. Thanks in advance Brenda

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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