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    Hi Bob,

    It is good to hear from you, but I am sorry you are experiencing these fevers.  This must be disconcerting these days when we are all on the look-out for COVID symptoms.  Have your doctors suggested a remedy?  I don’t recall any previous postings about this particular concern, but will continue to look around and see if there are any similar cases.  Hopefully the fevers are not too frequent or too disruptive to daily life.

    The news about your continued clean scans is great to hear.  Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.

    Regards, Mary


    I had a Whipple in October 2018. Tumor was successfully removed. All scans since (including a PET scan) have been cancer-clean. I have had trouble with the Whipple. The two sphincters on the left side of the liver, draining bile into the intestine, are closed. I am told that side of the liver will probably atrophy, but Hey, one can live with half a liver. The two sphincters on the right side were dilated by an ERCP, with no stents. I have experienced periodic episodes of fever/chills that last half a day and I’m back on my feet. The suspicion is that my fever episodes are the result of infections cause by back-up of the bile. Has any other Whipple-vet experienced this complication? If so, was there a solution?

    Other than this, life is good.


    My husband had a Whipple last April so I’m always cheered to hear good news about other Whipple Warriors. Thanks for sharing, Tilly

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    Thank you so much for sharing this positive news!!



    That is wonderful news. Thanks for posting!



    Hi there,

    I posted the full story of my mom’s CCA journey in the Introductions section, but I want to shout from the rooftops that my mom just had a clean quarterly scan at 19 months post-Whipple. Her next scan will be right around 2 years since diagnosis. She had her Whipple at MSKCC in New York in June of 2016 and followed it with 6 months of adjuvant chemo (not sure which one).  She had her scan a week ago, but her follow-up appointment where she was to get the results was cancelled twice due to the “bomb cyclone” we had here in the Mid-Atlantic, so it has been a tough week waiting for results.

    Since being diagnosed, my now-70-year-old mom has started doing yoga, riding her bike, walking more, eating better (though she has always eaten very healthfully), and generally just taking good care of herself so that’s been a really great “side effect” as well. She does suffer from anxiety and mild depression now, specifically leading up to scans, for which she is seeking help.

    Thank you to everyone for your courage, support, and wealth of knowledge.

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