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    Hi Kris thank you for all the wonderful information. I haven’t even thought about how I was going to have someone update or stay in contact with my loved ones :) I appreciate sharing yalls experience with me and seems pretty spot on to how I would want things done. Is it pretty standard for them to go in laprascopic first? Fortunately my surgeon has done 2 biopsy’s on me and the most recent one in July (I forget what the procedure was called but one of the more invasive biopys) she was in there and got a good luck on what was going on then. So i have some lessened anxiety given the fact that she kind of has an idea of what she will be dealing with. Another question for you. Was the surgery done up by you guys? Ironically I was scheduled for a surgical consult up at UW on Jan 28th to see if they felt I was a candidate or not. I have questioned am I making the best choice by having it at OHSU.


    Porter –
    WooHoo for surgery. That is the best anyone can ask for with this. Mark had his the 4th of June and we were in such shock that I didn’t even really get nervous until the day of surgery. Part of that had to do with having a bile drain put in before and getting sick from that. We had the same thing….they started with a laproscopic procedure first to check for any distant metastasis then go on with the surgery if none were found. They came out about 3 hours after I left pre-op to tell me they were proceeding with surgery (I found out later they proceeded because they couldn’t get through previous scar tissue and I am glad I didn’t know). His surgery was very long….13 almost 14 hours so I hope yours is shorter.

    One thing I might suggest for you (your husband really) is about the phone and texts. I had my cell and my husband’s. I felt like I spent all of my time texting people and fielding from people who wanted to know how it was going. I was very frustrated with it especially after I had told everyone that I would let them know as anything changed. I would suggest to delegate two or three people that you text/call and then do a phone tree from there. It will help limit the stress of that piece and be firm with those that feel they need to bypass the tree.

    Then after surgery have your husband or someone be the “gatekeeper” for you. I told everyone no visitors for the first three days then kept it limited to family. Use the nurses if you have to have some be the “bad guy” about it. Keep it to what you feel you can do. And for at least a couple days you really won’t care who’s there.

    Then once we got home. I did the same thing. Limited visitors. I texted everyone and said no one for the first 72 hours then they could only come if they called first and made sure it was okay. Those first few days home are crazy. Then when you feel up to it but keep it limited. I would tell people, sure come by for 15-20 minutes then politely ask them to leave.

    Good luck and I am so excited for you! If i think of anything else I will let you know.
    Keep us posted.




    Best of luck with your surgery. Although, i didn’t get it at OHSU, I did have a resection and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.
    And I was a nervous wreck going in for surgery. My fears were mostly around questioning if I was doing the right thing because they didn’t know my tumor was cancerous until surgery. So, I feared I might go through a big surgery for something that wouldn’t bother me in the future. Turns out, surgery was the right decision!

    Take care,



    Thanks all. Marion I totally agree . having to let go of something we have no control over! Pam I know . its hard and I almost didn’t post bc I know lots of people opportunity and I dont want to come across as if I’m whining because I realize how fortunate this is. Naturally just frightened and trying to focus on the positives and a good outcome.


    Hi Porter,

    What you are feeling is so normal. Try to focus on the fact that you are so blessed and lucky to be able to have surgery. Most on this site would love to be in your shoes and I’m sure many are quite jealous. You have been given the gift of hope! Hope for getting to spend time with your children and enjoy life! I know it is easier said than done, but try and focus on the good of what this surgery can bring rather than what can go wrong. I wish you all the best and will be praying for everything to turn out fantastic! Remember, deep breaths and positive thoughts!!



    Porter…..Just think, it would not be “normal” to not have anxiety. And, yes all of these thoughts would go through my mind as well. The absolute best thing to do is to talk about it just as you are doing right now.

    I have learned that one of component of anxiety is that we lose control. We literally turn our lives over to others i.e. in your case, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon – one puts us to sleep whereas the other cuts into our body.

    On the other hand though, we give up control when we travel by plan, train, but or taxi or place our money in the banks that are run by strangers. So, basically we give up control in so many aspects of our life, but most are in our normal experience and less intimidating.

    I am glad that you are able to reach out to us and to the nice woman who had her surgery a few days ago and please know that a tidal wave of good wishes are heading your way.



    That’s great that you have a local resource to gain inside knowledge from. You’ve gone through childbirth twice so you’re probably tougher than you think :)
    I admit I’m nervous tonight too for my sis as she has a scan tomorrow. Got to go to sleep…
    Take care


    Lisa Craine.. Not “ileana”! Just noticed typo


    Hi Willow. Thank you. I feel blessed to have a wonderful resource right now. A woman who just had a resection last week up at the same hospital I will be having mine at. S0 I have been in contact with that family and that has also put me out some ease. I think everything else coming along with it all the emotions, nerves, etc…I would imagine is quite normal and just part of the process. Tonight it just seems a little heavier than it has since I found out. :/


    Venting is natural and this is a good place to do it as so many have been through the resection and understand. You have a right to feel all those emotions. Its understandable to be nervous about a big surgery. Hopefully you can be reassured. I hope someone who has been through surgery can pipe in to reassure you. Iliana Craine is usually happy to share her experience and I think she’s had two resections. Your Dr at PREOP may also help ease your jitters. Maybe even ask for anti anxiety meds if need be. Hang in there! We are rooting for you.


    Hey thanks you guys for the support and caring kind words. Mary, the surgery date is Jan 27th!



    I am not a candidate for surgery and have not had any surgeries in regard to my CC so I can’t help as far as to what to expect. But I do understand your feelings and the fear of the upcoming surgery. Even though it is something you want and it p promises better results than chemo or radiation, it’s very scary to think what might happen. It sounds like you are relatively healthy, not considering the CC, and you have youth on your side so I believe those are positives for your surgery.

    I think it’s normal to have anxiety before any big surgery. I’m hoping after your meeting with the surgeon on 1/17 you’ll feel better and have less anxiety. Try to think of all the positives, like your two beautiful children and all you have to live for. The day before the surgery try to relax yourself with some deep breathing and positive thinking.

    I know you posted this but I forget…when is your surgery date? I want to make sure I think of you that day and keep you in my prayers.

    Stay strong.

    Love, Peace & Hugs,


    Hi Porter,

    I was about to turn off the computer and get ready to turn in for the evening when something made me decided to pop on here.

    You have every reason to be feeling the things you are. Vent away. Just know that you have a lot of people cheering for you and sending you lots of strength and support. I’m also hoping that after the 17th some of your anxiety will be relieved.

    Thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and energy.

    Love & Hugs,


    Hi all, I wasn’t even quite sure where to post this tonight but needing a place to vent and kind of let things go. In some ways I feel bad about posting about having an upcoming surgery as that is what so many of us long for and pray to have one day. But now that it is almost here I am scared out of my mind and not quite sure how I am going to get through the next couple of weeks. I think it’s natural for us as humans to think the worst and hope for the best.? But I can’t help but to think of everything that could possibly go wrong and think of my 2 darling children and if God forbid if anything happened during or after surgery. So many questions going through my mind. It was a shock to hear that I was now even a candidate. The tumor is still quite large. I think one of my biggest fears is that they will open me up and then find that they can’t complete the surgery. Other than that I am just freaking out about complications and how I will feel and etc, etc. I have never even broken a darn bone for heavens sake, let alone have any kind of surgery. My pre op consult with the surgeon is on the 17th and I am hoping that after that appointment some of my anxiety will be relieved as I will have more info about the actual procedure. But at this point I am a ball of many different emotions and as much as I feel so grateful and blessed, I am also terrified. I mean I got to celebrate my kids 7th and 9th birthdays in Dec, and my 35th is coming up in March and I hope that I will get to celebrate that as well. Thanks all for letting me just kind of vent about this, having a rough night. :/

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