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    Ha, Ha, Catherine. I so love your sense of humor. I just do this for more attention, you know! Thank you for your kind words and yes, I will take all prayers!


    You know there is enough going on with people here- it really would be ok for you to just moderate and not have to have procedures too.

    Love and prayers coming your way for an uneventful surgery and quick recovery-



    Hello CC Family! As many of you know I had a benign tumor removed from the lining of the brain, in January called a Meningioma. Right after, a smaller one was discovered just a hair away from my Motor Skills and I gave the orders to TAKE IT OUT! So my repeat performance is Monday early morning.
    The first was the size of a golf ball and this one is the size of a quarter. I asked my neurosurgeon if he would take a nickel! I am fine with it all as it is not a bad surgery but a long recovery, 6-7 weeks. However, I will probably only be off the CC site a week. I need something to do, you know. After that I have no other physical problems that I know of. Not bad for 76 yrs old today. Humor, my loves, humor will get you through anything! I only hope that no one bumps the surgeons arm during surgery! Last one was 4 hours and 3 nights in the hospital and this one is 2 hours and 1 night. YEA! Wishing you all well and I will be on here until Sunday night. 6AM check in Monday, can you imagine getting up that early only to be put to sleep???

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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