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    You have been a tremendous leader, inspiration, and help to many on this board. This will remain forever. At least all can relate to what you will undergo. Thank you so much for the encouragement and responding to my inquiries. Take care of yourself and use all the knowledge and strength you provided everyone. We look forward to hearing from you again.



    So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. You have been a help and so kind to so many on this board. I’ve only been on here a few months but have been blessed by your input and support for me and so many others posts that I have read.

    Take care of yourself and get better soon!!



    I am here for you too with confidence that the universal forces are flowing to you and through you and opening the doors for the path ahead.

    You were an invaluable resource for me (as for many others) in the darkest moments of my life and you light is so bright that it cannot be dimmed easily.

    I already sent you an email with some information you may want to see since these two ladies are in your backyard sort of speak (SF Bay area).

    In Love and Health



    Each one of you has touched my heart in a special way. Words cannot express my feelings for you all.

    Tearfully and immensely grateful to read your touching words of love, encouragement and support.

    Hugs and love


    You are my mentor and everything that everyone said above I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for inspiring me to be an advocate, for answering my questions, for believing that I could serve as a patient advocate at NCI, for teaching me daily, for being an outstanding, brilliant, giving human being!! If I can be half the advocate you are, I will be pleased!! Please know I am here for you just as you were for me…….hugs and love!


    Dear Marion,
    You have personally made the world a better place. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this organization. Please take care of yourself and feel all of the love we are sending to you.
    Best Wishes,


    Marion- I have been on this site a very short time but I shed tears as I read your post. I have spent many hours searching the discussion board for all kinds of questions. I found your kind, compassionate, and helpful voice in countless threads. I wish strength and healing for you and join the others in prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family. Thank you so much for all you have done and will continue to do for this community, Tilly


    Thank you all. I am touched and overwhelmed by your outpouring of love and caring. What a beautiful board this is.

    Of course, I will stay in touch and of course I will be checking the board, daily. We must continue to unite in the fight against this disease, and so we will

    Hugs and love,



    Dear Marion,

    We are heartbroken over the news of your cancer. We know your personal strength and your depth of knowledge about cancers and treatments will be huge assets in your battle. You are not alone – you have a strong family, and I pray the prayers , love and positive
    thoughts of your CC Foundation family, which loves you dearly, will also have a positive impact on your health.


    Debbie and Mike


    I can only agree with all of the above as it is a testament to how much you are loved and admired. Stay strong dear lady.

    Hugs & Love,


    Hi Marion,

    Like everyone else, I too am lost for words when I heard your news and I am so very sorry to hear about this. You know that I along with everyone else will be keeping everything crossed for you and I know that you are a fighter and will fight this with everything. You know also that you have all of us in your corner fighting with you and an absolute ton of positive thoughts are coming your way.

    You have helped many many people here, me included in so many ways and a ton of people around the world also with your selfless devotion to everyone and fighting for this cause. So who am I to tell you what to do, ha! But it is right that you take time away from the boards and to concentrate on you, your family and fighting this now. But as I said to you, we know what you are like and no doubt you will keep on coming back as things permit as you say. As far as scatter brain goes, I make no comments as I also do for Lainy being lost for words!

    We are all here for you always Marion and you are much loved by everyone.

    Huge hugs and much love to you my friend.



    IMarion, I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you are dealing with cancer. You were the first person who reached out to me on the board and offered me so much love and comfort. You are a true blessing to so many and I know how much I appreciate your kindness and ability to navigate Cholangiocarcinoma for us patients. You will be in my daily prayers.


    Marion, I am sure others will be along to wish you well and offer support as they can. For me… have l been there like a light in the darkness when things were very bad. You’ve helped me deal with more than the disease, but the anxiety and the bad doctors. I don’t know WHAT I can do to help you, my friend, but I am here in whatever capacity I can be…including researching treatments. (I’m a good “finder”). I know you’ll have excellent doctors looking out for you and I hope that even though the cancer isn’t CC, you will please feel comfortable to keep us updated on the boards as to how things are going, what your treatment plan will be and where. We care about you very deeply, Marion. I just wanted you to know.

    Love, your friend, Julie


    My Dear Sweet Marion, My Mentor, Life Saver and Friend…..I am at a loss for words, I know, not me without words, you know how I feel about you and whatever you need just say those words. As for me I will be praying, sending the best thoughts and what ever else is good for you.

    We were pioneers here and with CC that both our husbands had and G-D knows I would have not and could not have made it through those 5 years without your support in every way. Everyone thinks I am so strong but you are the wind beneath my wings!

    Some people in our lives radiate love and shine like the stars, bringing joy and happiness to those around them. You are that wonderful person. Never stop being you! I LOVE YOU!


    Dear all,

    I don’t want to draw attention away from the purpose of this board, but must share with you that I too have been diagnosed with cancer. All indication lead us to believe that I am dealing with metastasized lung cancer, which now has spread to my vertebrae, but not yet has reached my brain. So, no excuses for my being scattered!!

    In any event, I will spend less time on this board as much of my energy will be directed to my physical condition, which as we know can require an ever encompassing commitment of time.

    I will continue to check in and answer questions directed to me. Additionally I can be reached at No matter the nature of your request, I will try to continue to answer questions as much as my condition allows me to do.

    Given the fact that this board is comprised of the most fantastic members, which in turn made this the most successful platform in the world focused on cholangiocarcinoma, I expect it will continue to thrive and grow in leap and bounds.

    Hugs and love to the most wonderful people I have had the privilege to meet, either in person or via this board.


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