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    Interesting questions. I am responding about my 42 year old husband, who was diagnosed in November:
    1. No other medical conditions
    2. No prescription drugs
    3. Very active in fitness. Is a bike commuter. Resting heart rate in the low 50s.
    4. Everything diet, but very light in red meat and heavy in veggies and whole grains.
    5. Not inflammation, but has had issues with reflux and heartburn for years.
    6. Tons of other cancers and at young ages. Mother survived breast cancer at age 39 and again at 63. One aunt with breast cancer in her 50’s and another died from colon/liver cancer at age 52 (it was advanced when discovered). Those ladies’ parents died from colon and ovarian cancer in their 70’s.


    Dear Positivity,

    This is certainly a topic we all think about!

    I am a CCA patient in the group with no risk or predictive factors. No relevant family history. I was diagnosed just after I had completed a very thorough physical involving my GP and three specialists, with the usual range of cancer screening tests, and had been told I was in excellent health. Cancer was found incidentally four months later because I sought treatment for a sore shoulder after I spent an afternoon moving boxes.

    Only med is a statin. Otherwise, nothing remarkable relative to your list of questions, e.g., reasonable diet but not a vegetarian, moderate exercise but not an athlete.

    This is one of the negative features of this cancer, it can get way out of hand before there is any awareness of its presence, and being a rare cancer, no one is even looking for it I am still amazed that I had a 9cm mass with no symptoms and normal liver counts.

    Regards, Mary


    I know the source of cancer can be from multiple reasons. I am just curious before you or your family member was diagnosed about :

    1. Did you have any other medical condition?
    2. Did you take prescription drugs and which ones?
    3. How active were you in fitness?
    4. What kind of diet did you consume? Everything? Vegetarian? Etc…
    5. Did you ever have problems with high inflammation in the GI area?
    6. Do you have a family history of liver, gallbladder disease?

    Thank you for participating. I love that we can support and share information with one another to lead to a treatment that works for long term.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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