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    Lainy and Teddy,

    Oh how wonderful it is to hear of your T getting by for a while longer. And how precious the time that you and he have together, if only for a while. Get anymore dancing in lately? What a picture that conjures up for me of such a loving couple giving their lives to each other, completely, as you two have. Lainy, you are such a tremendous caregiver, knowing the right things to say and do. I do so wish the best of passing for Teddy as it seems he is doing fairly well at being at peace with it, and not too much to bear.

    My prayers for you both are that you will know when it’s time, and it will be an even more peaceful moment for you both. Don’t fear the unknown for God will certainly be with you both when you need Him most.

    With all my love and prayers, and every ounce of respect I have for you both.



    Hi Lainey,

    Have logged in tonight after a long time & how sorry I am to see your news of Teddy.

    I wish there was something useful or profound that I could say, or even think of to say, but no. I know how this period is, no longer if, but when. One day at a time is the only way, I’ll be thinking of you much & sending positive thoughts & strength, take care, love Val x


    Hey Lainy and Teddy

    Teddy is a fighter, this time is so special and so precious, and i believe it is there for a reason, as long as Teddy is happy and peaceful and in no pain or discomfort, ….i am thinking of you daily and sending you lots of hugs and love. Strength my lovely Lainy.

    lots of love



    Thank you Lainy!!!

    Luv Ya,



    You are still in our family as our son-in-law is from Chicago and a die hard Bears fan even though he now lives on Orange County. He is the one coming tomorrow with T daughter.


    Hello my friend!

    As you say, who really knows and I am looking forward to the end of October with you. Your T is a fighter of the toughest kind, and I am so glad to hear that T and your friends are coming around, even if they are only there for a short while each time. I can remember how much it meant to my dad to have his friends around him during these times.

    I so hope that you enjoy your grandsons concert tonight, and that you got a load of $5 notes for his tips! That is a good tip!!!! I love T’s new number 4 shirt for Favre representing the Packers and the Vikings. But please don’t you or Teddy hold this against me, but I’m a Bears fan…… Have been so since the first game that I ever watched live here in the UK, Superbowl XX… go Bears!!!! Sorry!!!!

    I do hope that T’s sister ain’t gonna cause you too much stress, and since you want the rain, I wish you lots of it!

    Love ya loads,



    Football. Wisconsin Greenbay Packers. Minnesota Vikings. Bret Favre played with the Packers for years and is now with Minnesota.
    I could Fed E the dog to you!!!


    I’m sorry, that may well be my annoying dog you can hear from across ‘the pond’? You’re welcome to come and sedate her though it’d probably need elephant tranquilizers.
    And I just have to add, no explanation needed but as a Brit the shirt has me utterly bamboozled-Vikings? Cheese? Purple?
    Thinking of you both x


    Hello My Buddy: I am OK. Really. Had a tough time when it turned October 1st but that is past now and we are maybe looking at the end of October. Who really knows? Company still strong but its mostly friends and they only stay a few minutes.
    Tonight going to a Grandson’s Concert. He plays 1st chair Viola in his High School Symphony Orchestra. Had to run get some $5 bills so I could tip him for a job well done! It will feel strange to go alone, so to speak.
    Have to tell you all a cute one. Being from Wisconsin Teddy is still an avid Packer’s Fan. He loves the Packer’s because it is the only NFL team that is owned by the people! Anyhew, a friend came to see him yesterday and brought him a T Shirt with #4 on it for Bret Favre. The 4 is split down the middle with half painted purple (Vikings and half painted Green (Packers) and on top of the purple is a Viking Helmet and on top of the Green is a big slice of cheese! Too cute.
    Teddy’s sister just visited for 4 days (stayed elsewhere) and his daughter is coming tomorrow for 3 nights (hotel) and other than that just friends.
    Man, we have been barraged with storms for 3 days now. LOVE it! Thunder & lightening and the flooding yards and streets. Probably will be 4 months before we see more rain.
    Take care Buddy and thanks for your support.


    Hi Lainy,

    Thank you for the update on Teddy. Is that the same dog that was peeing on your flowers? If so I do like Pam’s suggestion!!! Evil laugh indeed!

    I can so relate to what you say about your last 2 months and wasted time. Thinking back to that time with my dad, then that would have been wasted time as well, and as you rightly say, this is such a precious time. You know that I am thinking of you and Teddy so much, and I so hope that the two of you get to share T’s 78th birthday. How are you doing though?

    Much love to you both,



    Just wanted to let you know that you are both in my prayers. Teddy is blessed to have you. God Bless you both,



    Thanks for the update on Teddy. Thinking of you both right now. Keep up your lovely positive attitude, I’m sure Teddy is getting his strength to fight from you.




    As always you and Teddy are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Big hugs and love

    Andrea x


    Oh Lainy,
    You are so right to enjoy every moment of time you and Teddy can spend together in as much bliss as possible. Stay strong and know you are upheld in prayer.



    Thanks for the update. I so admire your strength and courage along with your wonderful sense of humor at this trying time in your lives. As always, you and Teddy are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling through those tears.

    With love & hugs and lots of good wishes for both of you.


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