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    Kay, so very sorry about the loss of your mom. May you find peace and comfort in the cherished memories of your mom. Until you are able to smile again, we walk beside you.



    I was just the same as you,we had a little longer maybe 14 weeks and my husband was diagnosed during a routine mens health check.You must be in shock,hardly time to get used to the diagnosis let alone the loss.How lovely for your mum to have such terrific support.There is support for you here Janet


    We actually buried my mom yesterday so you are probably wondering why I am here now. You see, mom got sick 10 weeks ago and had an exploratory laparotomy, but it took the pathologist almost 6 more weeks to get a definitive diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma with liver mets. At that point she was given 9-12 weeks prognosis from the time of surgery. She had one chemo treatment and decided to go on hospice care so she could remain at home. My sister and I cared for her around the clock for the last 9 weeks and she passed away last monday with our family by her side. It was a sad Christmas. i guess I am here now to just find out all that I can about this dreadful disease and because I don’t have anything to do with my hands now that she is gone.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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