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    I have read enough of your posts to know that you had a special Thanksgiving. Although I lost my Dear Dad within two months of diagnosis, I still hold out hope for others. For his sake, I hope that others who are battling this illness will conquer it. My prayers are with you for the best possible outcome. I pray that the angels who have accompanied you thus far remain your constant companions in continuing to protect you.

    Brightest Blessings to you and your family,

    Missing U


    Jeff, hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. I’m sorry about the pain you’ve been experiencing in your shoulders and left arm. I pray for good results tomorrow when you meet with your oncologist. You have such a positive attitude and keep us all going.



    Hi Jeff,
    Hope Thanksgiving was all you hoped for. Haven’t been on in a few weeks so had a lot of catching up to do. You are one of our long termers and we are all pulling for you. You put up a great fight with a great attitude. We pray for all cc sufferers that new treatments will eradicate this disease. God Bless you in the coming days and thanks so much for your poem. My husband Joe was diagnosed in July ’06 and is still doing well. Praise God. Mary Anne


    Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for the inspirational poem. You seem like such a strong and special person. I will keep you in my prayers.


    Jeff-sorry to hear about the new “gremlins”. Please keep us posted on the plan. You are our inspiration to keep up the battle. We surround you with healing energy in our hearts.
    Patrice & Dave


    you’ll get past this latest hurdle Jeff and continue to help the rest of us on this web site. In the meantime a lot of us will be sending a prayer your way as we all face our own challenges this Thanksgiving.


    As always Jeff, I’m sad to hear bad news, and always I am sending you much love all the way from UK, and I too hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving, with LASHINGS and OODLES of delicious gravy!! Much love to you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Oh Jeff,
    I am sure you are going to find a way to make those little “gremlins” pay! Have a wonderfull thanksgiving and we can all eat till it hurts!!! You will of course be in my prayers. I am always in awe of you and your spirit, no more so than now. For some reason, I imagine you as the general in the cholangiocarcinoma battle army. Always tactical and facing things head on with fierce determination and a generous spirit…..but Thanksgiving is a federal holiday so even the general can take time off! HAve a good break.



    Dear Jeff,

    I’m sorry to hear about those pesky little ones on your spine. You’ll figure out what to do about them later. I’m glad that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your family. I’ll do the same with mine. Thank-you for your poem and sharing your bold spirit.



    Enjoy, Jeff! You deserve it! The only thing I beg my husband to stay away from is cheese, ice cream and fatty sweets. He has the stent clogging problem and those seem to cause trouble. I hope you get your bones mets under control. I’m sure things will be fine. You obviously have had time to rest and heal and thats a good thing! Take care and best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!! Gain lots of weight! Mary


    Dear Jeff,
    I can so relate to this poem!!!! I am feeling a little angry right now. Not a good week. I feel ripped off that we as a family did not know until last week what our next game plan would be for dad. We are seeking a second opinion. Got him an appt for UCSF Dec. 10th. Now that we found out, I am unable to fly back to ND to see him for thanksgiving. I live in CA and this is soooo hard. I wish I were closer to him so that he could enjoy my children. This is what the holidays are about. My biggest fear is that he seems to be getting sicker by the day. Who knows what Christmas will bring. It seems as if our lives revolve around trying to figure out what to do next for dad. Not that I mind, but I feel in my heart that sometimes it is better to forget about it and enjoy the moment just being together.
    Thanks for the ear,


    Hi Jeff — You are one special guy!!! I loved your poem and know that it came right from your heart.
    There are many of us who read these posts with hope in our hearts for those who are suffering the anguish connected with this horrible disease. I have lived it and gone through it with my husband who passed away in May,’07. You have been a true fighter and, as another of your faithful “cheerleaders”, I’m going to continue with my positive thoughts and prayers for you — my favorite saying (as someone else also mentioned) — THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jeff — I’ll be thinking of you as I also will be soaking up lots of gravy with my mashed potatoes and turkey.
    Love and hugs — Jean



    You are one of the joys of the holiday!



    Hi Jeff,

    I hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep up your famous positive outlook! They keep throwing you curveballs and so far you’ve managed to catch them all ( not a baseball fan, so does that analogy work?)

    Best of luck to you and Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks for the poem – it means a lot to me, as I’m already in depression over the first holidays without my mother.




    Sorry to hear your latest news — but I know you’ll keep persevering. Keep positive as you always do, and things will get sorted out OK.

    Jerry Daniels

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