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    Hi Byron,
    Wow! Sounds like you ducked a bullet. Thanks be to God! Glad to hear about a quick and complete recovery. BTW, sometimes I say some really stupid things which get me in trouble with my wife. Do you think that could be caused by reduced blood flow to the brain…? Just wonderin’…



    Thanks to all of you and your kind words. I do get to resume chemo tomorrow (thursday). woo-hoo, can’t wait. Now, if they could come up with a way that chemo would cause your mouth to have the taste of t-bone steak……….how great would that be?



    Bryon, I hope you’ve gotten some more rest and are able to join us again soon. As Pam has said, your posts are so valuable to the people on this site. I hope you can resume your treatments soon. Pam


    Dear Byron,

    I am sorry you had to go through all that besides having CC. I guess we have all learned something from you and that is to listen to our bodies and get to the doctor or hospital when something seems wrong. I am so glad you are feeling better. You are this big, strong cowboy but you have a heart of gold and always know what to say to make people on this site feel better. You were the first person to welcome me to this site when I first joined and told everyone Lauren’s story. You made me feel like someone cared and that in itself is priceless in my book. Glad you are back my friend. Bless you and your wife.



    Wow, Byron. That is quite the story. I am glad you are recovering and wish you the best.

    Take care!


    Byron, so glad they were able to come up with a fix and it sounds like like no permanent damage done. How good is that.

    Good luck with the cancer treatment.


    Hang in there Byron! Let your body heal and then continue with the chemo.




    Hi Byron,

    Wow! You sure have been through an awful lot lately! Glad to hear that your cartoid is as good as new and that you are doing well again. And great to see you back here again too.

    Best wishes,




    You had an interesting, scary month. Glad it all turned out OK and you are back here sharing with all of us.



    WOW what a month for you Bryon. I was very nervous about your lack of post here lately, I always think the worst when someone stops posting. I am glad you are recovering.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, you deserve a great one!!
    Lots and lots of prayers-Cathy


    Hi Byron, good to see your smiling face again! Lesson well taken but you know we all have a tendency to think something different is going to go away. Thank goodness you are getting back to your normal and hope you have a most enjoyable Thanksgiving.


    Dear Byron,
    I’m sure I speak for those here on the site when I say you’ve been missed. You’re such an upbeat, positive person. I really did wonder what on earth had happened.

    Your advice on contacting the physician when things aren’t right is certainly spot on. I’m so happy that you were able to have the surgery you needed. (As if having CCA isn’t enough, eh?)

    Wishing you well,


    Byron…..Knowing that have recuperated from a rather unusual occurrence (at least on this site is) makes for a good day for all. And, of course that feeling is accompanied by a big sigh of relief. You must know by now that on an emotional level the members of this site connect rather quickly and deeply and that I believe is what makes this discussion board so unique.
    I agree with you in that we should not hesitate from making the calls to the physicians because obtaining a professional opinion by far supersedes our outguessing unexplained symptoms.
    Glad to see you back and enjoy your Thanksgiving.
    All my best wishes,


    I haven’t posted much at all the past month. I figured I would share what I’ve been through and what I have learned. Biggest lesson learned?……….Please let the oncologists office know if you are unsure about how you are feeling after chemo treatments.

    I had my chemo treatment on Friday October 28th. I was doing well. On Tuesday (72 hrs after treatment) I was feeling poorly like I normally do for a day at this time following treatment. On Wednesday I went to work but had a bad headache and some dizziness. It steadily got worse throughout the day but I just figured it was part of my chemo sickness because I had headache and a little light-headedness every other time I had chemo. Well, Thursday morning I stayed home from work because the headache and dizziness was still there and seemed to be worsening. My wife finally insisted I call the hospital and they told me to come in and get checked out. Well, I went in and they scheduled an MRI on my head/neck. How shocked I was when they came back and told me I had had a stroke and that it was between 6 hrs and 4 days old. I was slowly developing some weaknesses on my left side. They admitted me and scanned me with a fine tooth comb. I had a 60-70% blockage of my right carotid artery with plaque, mostly soft plaque. (I had been having this headache in the back of my skull for months. Can you say “reduced blood supply to my head?) They released me the next day because I could walk, swallow and seemed to be doing well after filling me with blood thinners. The following Tuesday they did surgery on my carotid artery to clean it out. What an interesting procedure. Slice open the neck, expose the artery, bypass it temporarily while they slice it open and clean it out. I was in the hospital overnight then home the next day where I rested for 3 or 4 days. I’m back to work now and doing very well. Anxiously awaiting word from oncologist as to when we resume the chemo treatments. I just was not feeling well enough to even sign onto the internet, but I’m back. I really have missed keeping up with everyone. A public thanks to one individual on here who dropped a private email wondering where I was. Thanks again.

    Surgeon says my carotid is good as new. He said it is extremely rare for that artery to need any more attention in the future.

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