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    welcome Jason.

    My 44 year old husband was diagnosed with stage 4 CC in march.
    We have 4 children and were TOTALLY devastated.

    because it has spread out of his liver (to the lungs) he will
    never be a candidate for surgery…only chemo to “prolong his life”.
    (we had 2 opinions–both drs said the same thing–we are being
    treated at Huntsman Cancer Institute in SLC, UT–a pretty great place).

    We just finished our first full round of 2 weeks on and 1 week off
    (so 8 weeks total)– next week we do scans to see how he has
    responded to chemo (GEM/CIS combo)–i

    good luck…if you ever want to email either my husband or i, feel free!

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    every single person is different (how long they “have”)
    both our Drs gave us “statistics” and then said Kyle (my husband
    with CC) would make his OWN number.

    he is on Gem/Cis–two weeks on and one off.

    Tomorrow is his last dose of his “cycle” .

    So far, other than tired, he has done GREAT!

    If your dad’s cancer has traveled FROM the bladder is it CC?
    (or has it traveled TO the bladder?) just verifying.

    best wishes…everyone is very different w/this cancer it seems!

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    Oh Jen…thank you so much~ for some reason what you said REALLY
    touched me and resonated.

    i am bawling like a baby–doesn’t take much these days! HA!

    I am laughing TOO, because every once in a while Kyle will say, “Well
    if I have cancer, I may as well play the cancer card!”

    thank you thank you !

    thank you all of you (not trying to leave anyone out)–
    and I SO love the idea of recording his voice, it is something that will
    dim w/time (our memory)–and my husband has THE BEST voice–I remember
    when we were dating I loved just talking to him…very calm, quiet and

    Thanks for the tip! :)

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    My husband was diagnosed in early march–stage 4 as well

    if you ever want to “talk” via email even–please feel free to email

    my husband is 44, we have four kids.

    the diagnosis TOTALLY stinks!!!! trying to take one day at a time here
    as well.

    some days it’s really really really hard.

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    i am so very sorry for your loss…. :(

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    oh darla
    that makes my heart so sad.

    my husband keeps telling me i will be strong enough….sometimes i just
    wonder. he has always been the strong one.

    i’m so sorry for your loss. it makes me cry real tears (everything
    makes me cry real tears lately!) :(

    Thank you SusanLane…my husband has said those exact words to me
    as well. I tell him we all love him, and that’s why we’re so sad.

    I was reading the Last Lecture yesterday by Randy Pausch (sp?) and he says in the book version how after he gave this lecture, he invited his wife onto the stage and told everyone it was her bday and they all sang to
    her and he hugged her tight and she whispered the words in his ear, “please don’t die…”

    it just about killed me…i can’t tell you how many times i’ve said that to my husband.

    it’s nice to know i’m not alone.

    i will keep working on trying to enjoy NOW.

    one day at a time.

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    Thanks Lainy for your kind words and advice.

    My husband is CONVINCED that everything will work out–he just feels like
    it always does!!!

    (he’s usually right)….
    this whole thing just makes me so mad (and sad and mad and sad).

    at no one in particular…just that it “happened.”

    i (in particular) like to be “in control”…so this is especially hard for me.

    (since there is no way at all to be in control)

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    i love reading these great milestones–

    i guess the one thing i would love to know are more details about
    each of you.

    original staging of your cancer.

    what you’ve done (chemo/surgery/transplant) to treat it.

    had the cancer spread originally.

    etc. etc.

    is there hope for someone like my husband? or all the “success”
    stories people who have had surgery?

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    Hey Sam

    i started a blog …which helps to keep everyone up to date.

    and it is very helpful to me (in writing this experience down)
    as great release (i also love to write as well–so there’s that).

    i listed it in the blog section of this board.

    and those “magic cures?”….they’re my favorite.

    I always think to myself “so doctors are keeping all the REAL cures
    for cancer under wraps JUST SO all these people can keep dying
    from it?” (seriously?!?!?)

    it blows my mind.

    best wishes for you and yours!

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    hey thanks Treysam!

    looks like we are both utah folks as well!!

    do you mind me asking where she’s doing treatment?

    are you staying south or do you come up to SLC for treatments?

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    there are no good words honestly.

    it totally stinks!

    I am so sorry for your loss….

    my husband has this (stage 4) and we have 4 kids who at some point
    will be grieving with you….

    THIS is the thing that perhaps breaks my heart more than anything else.

    a parent leaving a child in death. :(

    just know people are thinking about you.

    and again i am truly truly sorry for your loss. :(


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    WOW lisa! that’s incredible!

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    PS– medicine seems to be a big “guessing” game sometimes too i think–

    i used to think it was much more definitive and it doesn’t seem to be.

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    Thanks Mary for your quick response!

    There seem to be multiple things that people to do treat this (depending on size, where it is, how far it’s gone, if it can be operated on, etc.)

    Some of it is quite confusing to us.

    In fact, as we’ve learned more and more about this cancer–we find it “weird”
    that Kyle has had almost none of the “typical” signs that patients usually see with this cancer–we sometimes wonder if he doesn’t have the OTHER type of liver cancer….

    They say pathology and smears and all that stuff indicate CC–but he was “unknown primary” for a while too.

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    can i ask a dumb question? i was under the impression that once CC had spread ANYWHERE else(out of the liver) it was considered stage IV cancer—is that not always true?

    (I know my husbands HAS spread and that’s why it’s considered stage IV–it has left the liver…)

    i’m mostly just curious…. thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question.

    and also what is SBRT???

    (new to all this and don’t know all the acronyms)

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