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    my husband has CC in his liver, lymph nodes and lungs.

    He is 44 and doing great on chemo.

    After 6 1/2 mos they have sent him to an Interventional Radiologist
    to discuss options like Y90 Radiation beads. He IS a candidate
    for this as well as chemoembolization.

    Obviously both come with a new set of risks–but we have options
    and that is good for now. :)

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    My husband is the CC patient and his has spread to lungs and lymph nodes
    so he is not a surgery candidate ever.

    He is 44, also always healthy until this.

    He has now been doing the Gem/Cis chemo regime for 6 1/2 months….
    I wanted to tell you that HIS side effects have been VERY minimal.

    He is tired for the day or two afterward, but has kept his full time
    job during all of this and been, for the most part, fine.

    There are a few others that post here currently on the same chemo
    with the same minimal side effects. Hopefully they will chime in.

    He is going to be doing Y90 radiation soon, so I have no input on
    that yet.

    best wishes to you.

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    This is not my personal experience—and I don’t even have a name,
    but in mtg with a 3rd opinion onc. here in our home town who
    actually said he sees A LOT of cc–he said he has a patient who
    is 8 years out with this cancer and doing well!!

    The patient had a resection and after 4 yrs the cancer came back
    and then this person has been 4 MORE years doing really good.

    Eight yrs seemed FANTASTIC to me. Just thought I would share.

    Even though it’s “he said, she said” it is a factual example.


    great article!

    we have been discussing all these options w/kyle’s oncologist and have
    had 2nd and 3rd opinions from 3 different drs.

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    it’s really really hard
    and scary.

    i know…hoping you get some good answers to help
    you both soon.

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    OH! and that’s the new book our new Dr recommended we read!
    how interesting!

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    i totally wasn’t offended.

    sorry if it came across that i was.

    not even a teeny bit offended.

    i still just think that *IF* there were other answers that really
    worked–cancer would be cured. that’s all i’m saying. :)

    I have not seen any alternative treatments do any better
    (and sometimes they are worse at stopping the progression
    of cancer) than chemo or radiation.

    I know people who have LITERALLY sold it all to pursue
    alternative treatments, and they died just like the guy doing

    I *personally* have yet to be convinced that ANY treatment
    (conventional OR alternative) is a cure for many types of
    cancers. Cancer is seen winning the battle way too often
    for my taste regardless of treatment options chosen.

    And for whomever posted about Doterra, I’m laughing…
    we have a bottle of Frankensence (sp?) oil from them.

    Kyle still has cancer…darn it! It didn’t work. (that is just
    some sarcasm in case you can’t hear my tone.!) ;)

    but really, he still does have cancer.

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    I just think if there was a ‘magic cure’ then no one would have cancer.

    and everyone would be cured.

    and if Steve Jobs couldn’t buy a ‘magic cure’ …well, then NONE of
    us can.

    he had all the money and resources a person could have, and tried
    conventional and unconventional treatments and in the end?

    He still died.

    I have a hard time believing that big pharmacy has no relatives (sisters,
    brothers, wives, husbands, children, etc) untouched by cancer and
    even THEY wouldn’t want to find a cure if that was possible.

    but i may be wrong. :)

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    best wishes!! my husband has done very well on gem/cis with few to none
    side effects (tired is about it)…..hope you mother does equally as well!

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    PS–if i remember correctly Lainy’s husband survived the 6 months
    without chemo–not 5 yrs without treatment.


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    I just wanted to add that my husband has been on Gem/Cis for
    6 straight months without ANY side effects other than being tired for
    a day or two afterward.

    His quality of life has improved and he feels really really good.

    Just throwing that out there, I have ‘met’ several others online that
    have also had NO bad side effects from this chemo cocktail as well.

    It is 100% your decision, I just wanted you to know that there
    are people out there that are not having bad side effects from this

    Best wishes.

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    I have heard of the shoulder pain. My husband has had a bit, as well
    as one of our “online” CC facebook friends. It seems to be a more common
    complaint with CC.

    We (so far) only know Gem/Cis chemos…so no help there!

    Best wishes on this ride….it’s very tough some days!
    Hang in there!

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    my husband is still working on a phone consult with MDA and a dr.
    there….it seems like nothing is super fast in the world of doctors~

    Thanks for ck’ing …will for sure update when we get to that point!



    Thanks for layman terms….sent an email for a copy of the paper.

    in reply to: chemoembolization vs radioembolization #75017

    Thanks Pam! :)

    Every little bit of information helps right now!

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