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    no worries, i wondered if it had anything to do with hospitals that maybe
    “specialize” in the kind of cancer more–

    If I had any kind of computer skills I would help–or if it’s something simple, I could try….

    let me know! :)


    I also noticed that Huntsman Cancer Institute is not on your “list” of hospitals….

    is that because it’s not top ranking for this kind of cancer?

    just curious.

    It’s a pretty top ranking cancer hospital, but possibly not for CC.


    I will add my husbands info–

    We are being treated by Dr Sunil Sharma at Huntsman Cancer Institute
    Salt Lake City, Utah.

    We had a consult with Dr. Jonathan R Whisenant at Intermountain Medical
    Center in SLC, UTAH as well.

    We liked both Dr’s, both had the exact same diagnosis and treatment options.

    Not sure if anyone else has added these to your lists~
    Hope that helps~



    I wonder if anyone has ever gone through this thread and compiled a list of doctors and treatment centers? I would be happy to do it as long as people are aware it will take some time to do and in no way is a recommendation of any specific doctor.

    Should I go ahead and do it? Thoughts?



    My father is being treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York by Dr. Eileen O’Reilly The most caring and professional folks I’ve ever encountered.



    Thank you so much!




    Moore’s Cancer Centre is also mentioned here –




    Thank you so so much!!!! I’ve definiltey seen Dr. Hemming’s name in my reserach!

    Thank you!!!


    Hi everyone,
    any info around San Diego area? From my research, UCSD Moore cancer center seems like a very good option.. but any specific physicians there or any other centers?

    Many thanks,



    This is my mothers Dr who has successfully treated and operated on my mother since diagnosis in August 2004. 9 Years! I encourage anyone with CC to contact him. He has an excellent bedside manner, works well with the families and his knowledge and talent is truly a God given miracle. He is honest and straight forward and proactive. His team will answer calls and emails day or night.

    Dr. Robert Goldstein, MD, F.A.C.S, Baylor University Medical Center, Surgical Director, Pancreas Transplantation
    Surgical Director, Living Donor Liver Transplantation
    Hepatobiliary Surgery

    Following is a plug for the DR –

    Dr. Goldstein is a hepatobiliary surgeon and the surgical Director of Pancreas Transplantation and Living Donor Liver Transplantation at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. He is board certified in general surgery and critical care medicine.

    He currently oversees the Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center offering comprehensive evaluation and treatment for liver tumors, pancreatic tumors and chronic pancreatitis. He has a special interest in bile duct tumors and injuries.

    The following treatment options are available to liver and pancreas patients at Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor All Saints Meidcal Center in Fort Worth:

    NanoKnife (irreversible Electroporation)
    Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation
    Advanced Laprascopic Resection
    Total Pancreatectomy


    In Australia, my husband has been operated on by two excellent surgeons.


    Dr Charles Mosse
    Hepatopancreatobiliary, Upper GI and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon
    Calvary Clinic Specialist Medical Centre / Suite 20
    40 Mary Potter Circuit
    Bruce ACT 2617
    Tel: (02) 6253 4122


    Dr Charbel Sandroussi
    Upper Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary and Transplant Surgeon
    100 Carillon Ave, Suite 306 RPAH Medical Centre
    Newtown NSW 2042
    Tel: (02) 9565 1375
    Operates at RPA and the Mater Hospitals.



    Just saw this. Here is my doctor:

    Dr. James Abruzzese
    Chair, Gastrointerology Oncology
    M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
    1515 Holcombe
    Houston, Texas

    He is over the entire department and I knew someone who knew him. I’m not certain if he always accepts new patients.


    Thanks for the comments, Lainy and Lisa! Bruce has had a very rough past month…he has been exhausted (could hardly lift his head), had chills, fevers and some pain. Also, some “distention” in his abdomen. He has been around the barn with his doctors and in the hospital…everyone looking for an infection and not finding it. The only news we did come up with was that his hemoglobin levels were low which contributed to the exhaustion. They did give him a blood transfusion and we added more iron to his diet. He has also had some reoccurance: (small) tumor in his liver and a lymph node that “looked like it might be cc” so they have been radiating those spots. Because of low platelets, Bruce has been unable to take chemo (gemzar/cisplatin) which has been excellent at reducing tumors or keeping at bay. Bruce’s CA199 has been around 10-14 for the last several months which is great. Bruce had his CA199 checked last week (worried, as he has not been on chemo) and it has moved up to 33. Still…it is at the high-end of the normal range.

    After meeting with Dr. Sun, he informed Bruce that his distention is being caused by low albumen levels which cause fluid to build up in cells. He wants him to take a protein powder to raise those levels and add more protein to diet. He also told Bruce that the chills & fever are what he believes to be cholangitis…which we had suspected…but the other doctors had ruled out. He said that it was hard to diagnose the cholangitis (I believe these are his words) because it was “contained” in the liver. He wants Bruce to complete the radiation and them will start him on a new chemo regimen…which I will provide more details when I have them. The best news of the day was that he “had answers” for my brother on why he felt so sick…and my brother sounds like a “new man.” He just needed a good dose of hope and Dr. Sun provided it. I will write more when I know more. On with the roller coaster ride…

    Love and God bless!


    Patti,wonderful news. My liver surgeon is at The Cleveland Clinic but prior he was head of liver transplant at UPMC. I would love to hear the new plan.
    Thanks for sharing this uplifting news.


    I believe that I have posted here earlier that my brother Bruce, in Pittsburgh PA, has been blessed with the following amazing life-saving doctors:

    GP: Dr. Jim Gleason (found Bruce’s cancer initially)
    Oncologist: Dr. Stanley Marks
    Surgeon: Dr. Wallace Marsh

    Today, Bruce had the wonderful fortune of meeting with Dr. Weijing Sun at UPMC in Pittsburgh (Dr. Sun was at U. Penn in Philly for 15 years.) – Dr. Sun is a specialist in CC and was able, after meeting with Bruce for several hours, to provide hope and a plan for going forward.

    (Again, Bruce was diagnosed 3 years ago with CC and is still fighting the good fight.)

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 130 total)
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