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    My surgeon was Dr. John Cameron at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Excellent results with my Whipple. I was out of the hospital in 6 days and on my way home to NY after 4 more days of rest in a hotel. No drains, tubes or other stuff to deal with.

    I’m undergoing chemo and radiation here at home in Rochester, NY through the Lipson Cancer Center at Rochester General Hospital.

    Medical oncologist – John Phelan, MD
    Radiation Oncologist – Meri Atanas, MD

    Great care by very caring people.


    I think I posted on here, but not sure. We have added a few doctors so I think I will post them all again. Such a wonderful facility!!

    My daughter, Lauren has CC. She is seen at University of Michigan Hospital.
    Her doctors are:

    Oncologist- Dr. Mark Zalupski
    Surgeon-Dr. Chris Sonnenday
    Radiology Oncologist- Dr. Mary Feng
    Interventional Radiologist- Dr. Paula Novelli

    Lauren has been on chemo since Sept. 2011. She had Theraspheres in May 2012. Feel free to e-mail me and ask any questions you like about the facility, doctors, or procedures.


    10,000 cases!!! Wow.


    South Korea
    National Cancer Center, Korea
    Dr. Joong-Won Park

    Sees ten thousand CC patients annually


    Following up on Amangeloff’s post, including those she mentioned, there are a number of other excellent physicians at the University of Southern California who are highly experienced with this disease.

    After UCLA had deemed me inoperable and put me on palliative care, we went to Dr. Rick Selby who heads the hepatobiliary surgery and abdominal organ transplant divisions at USC. I came to him very sick. I had an advanced Klatskin tumor, with multiple tumors in the liver, and several large lymphatic masses. In a first surgery of 12 hours, he did an open cholecystectomy, central liver resection, partial hepatectomy, abdominal lymphadenectomy, and radical bile duct excision with a hepaticojejunostomy. In a second surgery, he did a left hepatic lobe resection. At this point and time, I am tumor free and healthy, something we couldn’t imagine six months ago. Needless to say, Dr. Selby is our family hero.

    For adjuvant therapy Dr. Selby referred me to Heinz-Josef Lenz, an oncologist at USC. Lenz has been mentioned numerous times on this site as someone with extensive experience with CC who is also on the leading edge of current research. His nurse practitioner, Taline Khoukaz deserves separate mention. She is simply exceptional. I am currently receiving chemotherapy and radiation under their care.

    Bottom line: we feel we have been exceedingly well cared for at USC.


    My husbands oncologist is Dr. Anthony El-Khouiery at University of Southern California, Norris Cancer Center. He is one of a handful of oncologists whose area of research is CC. He travels the world going to meetings about Hepatobiliary tumors. He is also a really great guy and a straight shooter.

    His surgeon was Dr. Yuri Genyk at University of Southern California. This man not only has miraculous hand, he is also a very dedicated doctor. I cannot say enough about what a great job he did in making my husband cancer free. He was in surgery for 17 hours!


    At times we have requests from our international members to help find a physician in their country.

    Greece: Dr. Nomikos, MD, FACS, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology:

    Argentina: Dr. Fernando J. Brancato

    Philippines: Dr. Josefino C. Qua, MD. FACS, FPCS, FPSO


    My husband had his liver resection at VCU Hospital in Richmond VA. His Dr’s name is Dr. Robert Fisher. His surgery was on Aug 27th 2010, and he just had his most recent followup in Dec of 2011, and he is still cancer free. Dr Fisher is a wonderful Dr. If not for him, I would not have my husband today! VCU has a Hospitality House for relatives to stay, while their loved ones are in the hospital. One floor is totally dedicated to transplant families. Transportation to and from the hospital are available too. They were there for me in every way, and the hospital staff took wonderful care of my husband. I would recommend this Hospital to anyone suffering from liver disease. :)


    My treatment is mainly at Sloane Kettering in New York City. My surgeon is Dr. Yuman Fong. He took out my gallbladder and cleaned up “stuff” and implanted the liver infusion pump in April 2011. My next surgery is probably mid or end of March 2012.
    My main oncologist is Dr. Nancy Kemeny. We’ve had our share of problems with systemic chemo (can’t take the oxaliplatin anymore) and the pump (had 3 embolizations before we could finally use it). Plus blood infections, etc. I haven’t had chemo since Nov. 2011 and want 1 or 2 more before my surgery to try to shrink the tumor some more. It was still shrinking as of Dec. 30, 2011 so hopefully it’s still getting smaller. I’ve received the gemcitabine/oxaliplatin cocktail plus FUDR thru the pump.
    I also go to Princeton when I don’t get chemo in the pump. My oncologist there is Dr. Richard Lee. The oncological staff there has been trained by Dr. Kemeny’s staff in the pump and can remove liquids/add saline only. So I only go there when I’m not getting long term maintenance or chemo thru the pump.
    My resection is not yet scheduled. I’m hoping for sometime in March. That gives me a bit over a month to prepare for it and get my parents up to PA so they can care for and worry about me up close and personal. I’m praying it’s successful!


    I wasn’t officially ‘diagnosed’ until the pathology report of my removed organs was done… My ERCP was done in Sarasota by Dr. Scott Corbett and once the biopsy came back ‘atypical suspicious fibrous cells’, we started researching and ended up going to Sloan Kettering in NY. My doctor who performed the liver resection is the Chief of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Dr. William Jarnagin, and he was fantastic. Very positive, and his staff that assisted him during surgery was great also. Dr. Matthew Weiss was a fellow under Dr. Jarnagin and he was excellent as well.

    I have not started Chemotherapy yet (Friday the 13th is day 1) and it will be Gemzar initially with Cisplatin being added if I tolerate the Gemzar well. My local oncologist in Sarasota, Dr. Richard Buck, is excellent. I haven’t had an appointment that lasted less than a half an hour. He answers all of your questions, is very easy going, and very knowledgable as well. He has also been very willing to collaborate with my surgeon’s oncology counterpart at Sloan Kettering, Dr. Yelena Janjigian. I actually sent an email to Dr. Javle at MD Anderson and within an hour, he answered me! His recommended treatment was very similar to what my current oncologists recommended as well.

    Since CC is so rare and there are no specific adjuvant therapy protocols, the more the merrier if you ask me! In any event, I’m about 4 months post surgery, and my most recent CT on 12/27 was extremely clean. Only difference, the remaining piece of my liver grew down to the left so my anatomy is way off. No liver on my right side, small intestines are there instead (very loud after I eat or drink…). Liver is almost the same size as it was originally and all bloodwork showed liver function 100% normal. Let’s see how I do with chemo…


    I’m seeing a local oncologist in Huntsville AL, and then I got to MD Anderson to see Dr. Javle. We will be going next month for scans and meeting with him again.


    Hi. Dad is in Lexington, KY. Here are his doctors:

    Oncologist: Dr. Willliam Camp, Lexington Clinic
    Surgeon: Dr. William Walton
    Radiologist: Dr. Shailendra Chopra

    Though it’s a smaller clinic than the major cancer centers, we can’t say enough good things about his doctors and the care he’s gotten there.

    Second opinions:

    University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center. Dr. Philip A. DeSimone.

    Cleveland Clinic: Dr. Dale Shepard

    We really, really liked Dr. Shepard. We left the appointment with more clarity about the situation than we’d had in the 2 months since dad’s diagnosis.


    Providing some info for SoCal readers. My sister (32 at the time) had a Whipple performed in 2009 and adjuvant chemo (Gemzar/Xeloda) for 6 months (2 weeks on, 1 off). So far we’ve been working through the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and have had no problem with their aggressive planning and decisive nature. Currently investigating radiation oncologists and others for more variety in opinions.

    Dr. Oscar Joe Hines, surgeon, UCLA
    Dr. Edward Garon, chemotherapy oncologist, UCLA
    Dr. Percy Lee, prospective radiation oncologist, UCLA


    My daughter, Lauren, receives her care at The University of Michigan Hospitals .
    Her oncologist is Dr. Mark Zalupski.
    Her liver specialist and surgeon (if she is ever able to have surgery) is Dr. Christopher Sonnenday.
    Dr. Zalupski is more to the point kind of doctor. Dr. Sonnenday is very warm and caring.


    I was being treated at Mayo in Minnesota but changed last year to Regions Cancer Care Center in St Paul Minnesota. I see Dr Randy Hurley and am very pleased with him.

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