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    Have you spoken with your provider regarding targeted treatment.

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    I am not able to pull up full article. Any ideas. Thanks

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    Hi it was just about the same day I was diagnosed with IIIB cancer. I am supposed to have my scan in a few weeks. It is scary. I have been on cisplatin/gemzar and had 2 cycles. I went to the Mayo clinic and U of M and got different answers about surgery from both. I got offered two different trials and in each trial the drug was randomized and I ended uo getting standard of care. Not what I hoped for. The U drs just feel I am not going to make it but Mayo gives me hope. I don’t want to stop fighting. Mayo did 2 biopsies on me and didnt get enough tissue to check for markers. This whole process for me has been one bad result after another. Yet I still feel good. I have tolerated the chemo with no difficulty. Sad as a lot of my hair fell out. Hang in there. There are alot of immunotherapy drugs. Treatment options. If I can’t get surgery I am hoping for chemoradiation. It is all such an unknown. Well thanks for listening. Cheryl

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    I would go for the surgery. I too am hoping to have surgery if after first 3 months of chemo tumor shrinks. This is just my opinion but I feel the surgery folled by radiation or corse of chemo or other immune therapy is our best shot.

    Is anyone taking Milk Thistle especially during chemo.

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    Thanks for posting for those of us just starting our journey you are an inspiration. I don’t seem to get much encouragement from medical community. I don’t even feel sick yet if I ask if I mightive until next summet silence. I am stage 3B. I just got enrolled in nucona trial and will be randomized Monday.

    Is this still in trial?

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