2022 Annual Conference Photography & Videography

Thank you for being willing to have your photograph taken and to be interviewed during the 9th Annual Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Conference.


Please be prepared to receive text messages informing you to come to room 255A for your photo and interview. You can access the room by entering the meeting area of 255, then locating the partitioned room marked A. There will be signs posted to direct you as well.

salt palace map


You may get your photo taken to be used on the Foundation website and in other digital and print materials. You may also be briefly interviewed in front of a camera. A microphone will be attached to your collar or lapel during on-camera interviews that will take no longer than 15 minutes (includes walking to the room and having a mic clipped on). 

You will be asked questions relating to the conference, the Foundation, and about living with cholangiocarcinoma or treating the disease. You may even be asked to do a 15-second public service announcement! That is, only if you are comfortable. A sign-up sheet is available at registration. Cue cards to read are being provided.


If you have any questions, contact Director of Communications Jennifer Weaver at 385-329-3558. You may also email jennifer.weaver@cholangiocarcinoma.org.