Virtual Support Groups

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation offers support groups and educational webinars to allow people impacted by the disease to share personal experiences and learn from others, including medical professionals and disease experts. Participants must register to attend the virtual sessions that may include special guest moderators.


Patient Support Group
1st Thursday of each month
4:00 p.m. (Eastern)


Caregiver Support Group
3rd Thursday of each month
4:00 p.m. (Eastern)


Canadian Support Group
3rd Wed of each month
4:00 p.m. (Eastern)


Spanish Support Group
3rd Friday of each month
6:00 p.m. (Eastern)


Veteran Patient/Caregiver
Support Group

2nd Friday of each month
5:00 p.m. (Eastern)

If you have any questions or a suggestion for a topic of discussion, please contact the Advocacy Department at

Select webinars are available on the Foundation YouTube Channel. Follow us on social media for the latest news about the Foundation and cholangiocarcinoma. For more information about upcoming events, click here.