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Volunteer Spotlight - Dave Dougherty

Dave Dougherty has been actively volunteering with CCF since 2017. He volunteers because of Barbara Dougherty, his sweetheart of 43 years. After Barbara’s aggressive chemotherapy in 2016 her tumor shrank and doctors thought they could perform a resection. After an hour and a half into the surgery, the procedure was deemed too dangerous to continue. It was during Barbara’s home care that the Dougherty’s became connected to CCF through a mentor’s phone call. Barbara passed away in December of that year, after an extremely brave battle. Months passed, days were difficult, yet Dave remembered how extremely kind and caring everyone was at CCF. Dave decided to stay connected to CCF and got involved.

Dave wants to share hope with other patients who are suffering, and he knows Barbara would want the same! He recognizes cholangiocarcinoma patients need all the support they can get. Not only involved with TeamCCF, Dave has opened his home to patients seeking treatments in his area, many times, as well as hosting CARE Team members. His home was their home. Additionally, Dave plans to serve as an annual conference volunteer. 

Meredith McGuffage, TeamCCF Coordinator, shares “Dave Dougherty is an integral part of the cheer team at the Chicago Marathon. Dave is the first to arrive the morning of the race and the last to leave. He delivers and sets up the enormous TeamCCF tent, provides food, hot chocolate, hot cider and lots of laughs. He is the heart and soul of the cheer team!” 

While Melinda Bachini, Patient Advocacy Coordinator, adds “Dave is a true angel! I first met Dave in October of 2017, when the CARE Team first visited Chicago for the Chicago Marathon and awareness events. He took us under his wing and made sure we were well cared for. As a retired Chicago police officer, he guided us to the appropriate locations to participate on Charity Row, not to mention providing a tent, chairs, water and snacks! He has served as a guide for the last three years. He has cheered on Team CCF with passion each year! He has shared his experience and the loss of his wife so that others may benefit from his story. He generously took in one of the CARE Team members, when she joined a clinical trial in the Chicago area and had to travel from New York. He opened his home to her family and accompanied them, driving them to many appointments. He has the best smile, jokes and hugs and it is an honor to know him! Thank you Dave for all that you have done to serve and benefit the cholangiocarcinoma community!” It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Dave Dougherty as Volunteer of the Month.

New Volunteer Opportunities

Cindy Thomas is the Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.

Cindy received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has enjoyed working with the Foundation since June of 2018 as a part time staff member.

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