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October's Volunteer Spotlight - George Riddle

George Riddle describes himself as a technical guy who likes to tinker and get into the nitty-gritty of technology, engineering, and research. He and his late wife, Elinor, have three children. Although retired for over a decade, he began part-time work again in research as friends began a new company. In retirement he and Elinor enjoyed birding, taking drives, and attending university courses together.

Elinor had been a seven-year survivor of breast cancer before any unusual liver markers were discovered. Upon further testing, the newly discovered tumor turned out to be cholangiocarcinoma. Within the month, the tumor was resected. A year and a half later liver spots reappeared and oblation and eventually, systemic chemotherapy were the treatment courses. George began to read all he could about cholangiocarcinoma. He went from pulling a medical journal publication and not understanding any of the acronyms and medical terminology, to quickly absorbing it all and pulling more and more of them to research and study. On his own he discovered the importance of genomic testing, yet still had to put up quite a fuss to make it happen.

George first learned of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation after the IDH1 mutation was discovered from Elinor’s Foundation One analysis. George and Elinor discussed attending CCF’s Annual Conference together in 2018, yet she wasn’t up to going. George studied all the presentations from afar. The next year’s conference was different, as Elinor had passed. George found himself asking, “Do I want to do anything with this knowledge?’ Immersed in research, George had taken quite an interest in it. George became a mentor in the CholangioConnect program shortly after attending the 2019 Annual Conference. He is extremely adept at equipping patients and families with research to discuss with their medical teams. George also serves as a Research Advocate and has an incredible understanding of clinical trials. He has attended regional symposiums and has written for the Cholangio..what? Blog. His love of research now benefits all cholangiocarcinoma patients, as he is eager to share what he has learned and what he continues to discover. It is a great honor and privilege to recognize George Riddle as the Volunteer of the Month.

New Volunteer Opportunities

Cindy Thomas is the Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.

Cindy received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has enjoyed working with the Foundation since June of 2018 as a part time staff member.

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