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Volunteer Spotlight - Peggy Barney

Peggy Barney loves to read, grow flowers, play the piano and create with needlepoint. She also loves spending time with her family. Peggy credits her family and strong faith in helping her accept her diagnosis over 4 ½ years ago. A cancer diagnosis is extremely difficult, and she counts a supportive husband and loving family as tremendous blessings. 

Peggy shares her diagnosis came fairly quickly but involved symptoms most adults would tend to push aside - fatigue and loss of appetite, especially after recently having a knee replacement surgery. With her family’s encouragement, however, she sought additional testing.

Initially, a surgeon told her she had only four months to live. But Peggy didn’t feel comfortable with this news, or the bedside manner, and sought another opinion. Peggy feels it is important to have a medical team you can feel good about and want to work with. She was then led through a chemo routine, and eventually a clinical trial. It was during one of her doctor’s appointments that Peggy shared she had never met another person with cholangiocarcinoma. Dr. Milind Javle immediately connected her to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Soon she was on the phone with Patty Maxin, Director of the CholangioConnect Program. Peggy’s warmth, friendliness, calm, hope, and positivity were soon being shared with other patients, as she began volunteering as a patient mentor. Peggy feels mentoring fit right down her alley. When she sees a need, she loves to be a helper. Of course, it was a process to get there. Peggy recalls asking herself during her chemo, ”What good am I doing lying here?” So when the ask came to get involved with CholangioConnect she felt it was a door opening to help herself. “When you help someone, it helps you,” adds Peggy.

Peggy remembers how she felt hearing the word cholangiocarcinoma for the first time. The fear, uncertainty, and confusion are feelings she wants to remedy with friendship, hope and support. Peggy enjoys the friendships she has made within the last year of volunteering and during the Annual Conference 2019. It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Peggy Barney as the Volunteer of the Month!

New Volunteer Opportunities

Cindy Thomas is the Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.

Cindy received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has enjoyed working with the Foundation since June of 2018 as a part time staff member.

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