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Volunteers create change and provide hope to those affected by Cholangiocarcinoma by putting patients and caregivers first and finding a cure for CCA. Your passion, experience, and skills are needed. There is a place for you on the volunteer team.

September Community Member Spotlight - Debbie Rose & Patty Ritoch

Debbie Rose and Patty Ritoch are dedicated, compassionate Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation volunteers. Though the pair live just thirty minutes from each other in Tennessee, they first met in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the CCF Annual Conference.

Debbie, who was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) in 2020 said attending the 2022 Conference was the first time she had the opportunity to meet someone in the CCA community. Patty, a bereaved caregiver to her husband Kenny, was attentive during the table-by-table introduction on the first morning of the Annual Conference.

Patty shared, “As soon as Debbie told her story and where she was from, I ran to her as fast as I could to introduce myself.” Debbie said it was a fantastic interaction; “We realized we both ‘talk Southern,’ and from our first discussion, we both shared a desire to work to make the Nashville area more aware of CCF.”

Before the Annual Conference, Patty and Debbie had already been impactful CCF volunteers. Now, the two enjoy working together.

Debbie shared that this partnership has increased her joy in volunteering, “Meeting Patty and collaborating with CCF's support is a privilege. Patty is a naturally outgoing and joy-filled person, and I always receive more than I give as we work together. I'm blessed to make such a friend in this process.”

Together, Debbie and Patty are focused on ensuring that others in the community know all that CCF offers to patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers in their geographic area. They hope their in-person gatherings will provide local support and help patients and caregivers know they are not alone on this journey. They want others to know that CCF is here to help every step of the way.

Patty shared, “Even when we are blessed to have supportive family and friends, CCF offers special encouragement. Because CCF provided me with hope, information, and education, I want to do my part in passing that along. Volunteering for this organization that truly gives 150 percent to their patients and caregivers is my beautiful gift to Kenny.”

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