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November Volunteer Spotlight - Erica Kerr

Erica’s father, Eric Nahm, was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) in December 2012. From Erica’s work at Sloan Kettering, including a research study on pre-bereavement therapies for families, Erica has worked with CCA patients. Therefore, when her father shared his diagnosis, Erica had an idea of the journey he was facing. Eric pursued treatment and continued to create beautiful memories for the next two and a half years. He enjoyed family vacations and cherished time with his grandchildren. With the support of his family, he even completed a memoir.

After her father passed, she gave herself time to grieve. When she found herself ready, she became a caregiver mentor. Since 2017 she has built relationships with caregiver mentees and has grown amazing friendships. She values all of the connections she is able to make through mentoring, many of which have continued over the years. “I find it really fulfilling to help people who are where my family and I were. It is lonely being a family member when you don’t have connections. You can say ‘cholangiocarcinoma,’ and nobody has heard of it.” Erica strives to help lift the feeling of isolation that can come with a CCA diagnosis.

The Foundation is deeply grateful for Erica’s commitment to providing community and support to caregivers!

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