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September's Volunteer Spotlight - Caitlin Brammer

Caitlin spreads awareness on World Cholangiocarcinoma Day.

Caitlin Brammer enjoys reading, is an art enthusiast, and loves spending time with her large and beloved extended family. She also has a passion for research, helping and connecting with patients (especially children), hence her current professional role as a Clinical Research Professional in pediatric pulmonary, and is a self-described medical nerd with plans of medical school in her future.

Caitlin began volunteering in June of 2020. She admits that initially, she was apprehensive about getting involved with a virtual volunteer position because she had never done anything like that before. However, the pandemic created time for her to explore the opportunities and she shares how glad she is that she made the decision to get involved. Learning about research advocacy work and the Wellness For Life program got her immediately excited about how she could contribute.

Caitlin was devastated by her mother’s passing due to cholangiocarcinoma in February of 2015. As an only child, she found herself feeling extremely anxious and depressed. The art she used to love creating was just too difficult to begin, as she associated her love of art with her mom. Caitlin’s mom had really fostered her love of the arts. Art became too painful because it reminded Caitlin of her loss. Shortly after Caitlin became an official volunteer she was introduced to the CARE Team volunteers. Together the group took on the new Wellness For Life program, which included weekly live Zoom/Facebook events - one of those, in particular, was an art therapy session presented by Caitlin. Before volunteering, Caitlin’s artwork was put on hold and she was missing the joy art had previously brought her. Yet she eventually reconnected to the joy of art while creating coloring pages for attendees to enjoy during the CCF annual conference. Caitlin adds, “it’s remarkable how healing volunteering can be!” Notably, Caitlin has gone on to fully illustrate a children’s Christmas book, soon to be published, since the onset of her volunteer work.

Caitlin has helped with several volunteer projects including the Thank-A-Thon, annual conference volunteer and moderator, research advocacy, and Wellness For Life. While she wishes she could have discovered several CCF programs while her mother was alive, she is grateful for the happiness that volunteering has brought back into her life and is excited to offer her support to others who may be going through similar difficulties that she once experienced. It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Caitlin Brammer as the Volunteer of the Month. 

New Volunteer Opportunities

Cindy Thomas is the Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.

Cindy received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has enjoyed working with the Foundation since June of 2018 as a part time staff member.

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