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November's Volunteer Spotlight - Kelley Giles

Kelley enjoys watching football and loves to spend time with her family.

Kelley Giles was born and raised in Utah. She grew up with two sisters and a brother. Kelley now has four children of her own and six grandchildren. She cherishes time with her family and feels blessed to have them all relatively close to home, so she can enjoy lots of “grandkid days.” She certainly keeps busy with her love of family, church service, organizing, and genealogy work. As a young adult, Kelley served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Dominican Republic. Serving there definitely sparked a love of the Spanish language. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in education and taught Spanish immersion for three years.

It was Kelley’s brother, Mark, who wanted to create a foundation to serve other cholangiocarcinoma patients and families. When Mark became ill after running a marathon in St. George, UT, the extended family all jumped in for support. A cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis was shocking, especially at Mark’s young age and with excellent health. Mark welcomed another child, just six months after his CCA diagnosis, and Kelley was there to help with the newborn and care for both Mark and his wife Marianne. She has been involved with the foundation since its inception.

With a unique perspective of the last 15 years, Kelley shares that her extended family really rallied to contribute to the effort of learning all they could to support Mark but felt a strong desire to share with others on a similar journey. Her dad was a fundraiser and familiar with creating a Board of Directors. Brothers-in-law, nephews, and other family members shared their skills over the years to support the beginnings of the Foundation. Kelley is amazed at the growth and success over the last 15 years. She recognizes that her sister, Stacie Lindsey, has an extraordinary amount of dedication to finding answers that didn’t exist before. She knows Mark and her family could have benefitted from talking with other patients early on, but nothing existed back then. With Stacie’s drive, Kelley feels so many people have been helped.

Stacie adds, “Kelley has been a solid CCF volunteer from day one from entering data into the database to offering to help bake hundreds of cookies for the conference. She co-led the 15th-anniversary committee. She is detail-oriented, creative, and supportive by nature.” Kelley was the co-chair of the 15th-anniversary volunteer committee and fully supported the charge of raising $150,000 additional dollars for research to commemorate the milestone. Kelley took on key responsibilities for the anniversary’s kick-off webinar, communications for the “What’s Your 15?” Challenge, Journey of Hope send-offs, promotional videos for the fundraisers, sponsored donations for CCF Bidding for the Cure, and packed 550 attendee boxes for the 2021 Annual Conference. It is a great honor and privilege to recognize Kelley Giles as Volunteer of the Month.

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Cindy Thomas is the Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator.

Cindy received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has enjoyed working with the Foundation since June of 2018 as a part time staff member.

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