The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation acknowledges veterans of wartime eras and thanks them for their service.

As you are well aware, your service in the military may have exposed you to risk factors that may have contributed to the diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma.

Information and resources have been gathered for you regarding this possible exposure. Department of Veterans Affairs claims-related information is also shared here for your reference.

Please reach out to with any questions regarding navigating your diagnosis journey.

*If in the process of filing a claim, please note: There is no retroactive effective date back to the first time the Veteran filed a claim with the PACT Act. If a Veteran has an appeal pending, do not pull or withdraw it. In lieu of the PACT Act the earliest possible effective date under the Act is  August 10, 2022 – the date the legislation was signed into law.

If you are a veteran’s survivor, please accept our deepest condolences on losing your loved one. We understand that this was a challenging and emotional journey for you. If you decide you want to pursue a VA dependency and indemnity compensation (VA DIC) payment, we have provided links to the VA page here:

Per the VA PACT Act page, survivors may be eligible for VA benefits based on the this legislation.

Unlike Veterans awaiting appeals, there is a retroactive effective date back to the time widows/widowers filed under the PACT Act.