Ask Dr. Giles: I'm scared that something will happen to my husband and I'm not ready

Missy asks:

My husband Kevin has cc and won’t do chemo any more. I want him to do chemo and the natural healing stuff together because I feel go at it with both. He tells me chemo isn’t a cure. I’m honestly not convinced that naturally is. My husband is a very strong man but the last 8 months have been crazy. When he was first diagnosed he was in denial, then just laid around for 2 months, it took a lot to get him up and living again but he is. A friend said to him she thought he would of been dead by now because of the way he was at the beginning, he looks great, eats right even started exercising. I’m scared, because I lost my mom to breast cancer I know what happens I don’t want to see him sick or my kids we have 6. # Girls ages 19, 14, 12, then 3 boys 6, 5, 3. They all love and adore there daddy as do I. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to do all he does for our family. I know people say don’t worry live now and thats great advice, but I’m scared that something will happen to him and I’m not ready to say good bye.


I am happy to hear that your husband has found clarity and motivation for battling the cancer. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to be facing something so aggressive and seemingly unbeatable. Fighting cancer, however, is no different than dealing with any other challenge or trial in our lives–we deal with it one day at a time. The way you and your husband go about this fight will set the tone for the rest of the family. Your children (and others, too!) will learn much about the process of addressing challenges from the way you handle your current battle with cancer. If you approach it with hope and humor and gratitude for the goodness of life, they will too. Decide today that fear, resentment, bitterness, and despair will not have a place in your daily living. As you focus on peace, good will, love, and patience, your daily experience can be rich and fulfilling–regardless of the trials you face. Take time to recognize the good in your life currently, and that will leave less time to dwell on the unknown.