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Ask Dr. Giles

Dr. Geret Giles

Dr. Geret Giles is a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  He received a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University.  Dr. Giles works with individuals, adolescents, children, and couples suffering from a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties.  He is often asked to address psychological issues for large groups in the community.  He has the reputation as a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.  In January of 2007, he lost his best friend to cholangiocarcinoma.

Ask Dr. Giles: She seems to be getting better, but also distant

Kate asks: Hi.  My partner has unexpectedly gotten through a whipples, and has now completed a round of chemo. Great, but she has now signed a non-intervention document, and is emptying the house of her belongings.  Our relationship is great, and I accept her right and choice, and while I am finding the emptying on…

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Ask Dr. Giles: I just want to connect with someone like me who survived this

Randi asks: First let me say how sorry I am about the loss of your friend. I am a 54 year old woman who was diagnosed with CC after having an ERCP in Nov 2009.  I had a Whipple procedure December 15th, 09 (just 4 weeks ago) and the good news was that the cancer…

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Ask Dr. Giles: How can I be dying when I feel so good?

Cheryl asks: How can I be dying when I feel so good? Diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, Sept. 11 2009, have had Sir-Sphere treatment and many chemo treatments. Sometimes I feel ill, but generally I feel normal, happy and thankful. If I felt bad maybe I could come to grips with this disease that is killing me.…

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Ask Dr. Giles: How can I lovingly but firmly ask mom to back off?

anonymous writes: I have cancer and my mother is caring for me. Actually, I hate to sound ungrateful, but she is smothering me. She is not allowing me to breathe. I am a more introverted person and need time alone to marshall my resources against this cancer and she is always tap, tap, tapping at…

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Ask Dr. Giles: What can I do ease my pain and devastation?

Rochelle writes: I lost my husband two days ago, he was my absolute everything, we just recently moved to casper and I have no support. I do not think that I can cope with his passing he was my best friend, my lover, and my husband, he was the love of my life and I…

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Ask Dr. Giles: I’m the caregiver, and I feel overwhelmed.

Melanie writes: Hey Doc, I’m the caregiver, and he’s so miserable. Nobody really seems to know anything about this disease. As the care giver? S.O., I’m overwhelmed. I think I’m starting to have panic attacks myself. I’ve been taking some homeopathic stuff for a week or so, seems to help a little, sometimes. I…

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Ask Dr. Giles: I feel selfish for wanting to care for my sister’s kids

a Concerned Sister writes: I would welcome any advice on this situation. My sister is due for the big surgery very soon, she was told the longest she will last with everything going well would be 5 years max. Her tumor has spread from the ducts to a good portion of her liver. She is…

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Ask Dr. Giles: Book recommendations for preparing my famly

George writes: Can you recommend a book that will guide me through preparing to succomb to cancer, one that will list some steps I need to do for my family. For example I’m getting around to finally doing a will etc. Thanks George, My friend Marion shared this link to a resource of the National…

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Ask Dr. Giles: How do I help my husband deal with my diagnosis?

Carol writes: I have been dx w/cholangiocarcinoma. I’m 66 and about 3 wk. I have always been healthy and began losing a lot of weight. Went to my Dr, had tests, finally biopsy and dx. At first it was believed they could resection but now find it can’t be done. My husband and I have…

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Ask Dr. Giles: How to come to grips with my breast cancer and my dad’s diagnosis

Claudia writes: My father was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with cholangiocarcinoma, we did not know the extent of the cancer and surgery was what was recommended. They removed gall bladder, 60% of liver and reconnected the intestine to liver. Now he has major complications, a leak somewhere and he is very weak. I am having…

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