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Posts by Susan Braden

ThanksGiving, ThanksLiving

Now it begins. Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks. Food, Family, Friends, Fun. Turkey, Traditions, Touchdowns, Travel. Tension?! I remember a little of what I think I learned about the “First Thanksgiving” as a child. The Pilgrims came from England on a ship. “If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? PILGRIMS – Bazooka Joe”. …

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The Cancerbet – or What Cancer Does and Does NOT do – from A to Z

A          Cancer AGES us but isn’t aging what we long for?! B          It BLINDS us to far away, future concerns. It brings us to a “near- sighted” living where we don’t miss the present. C          Cancer gives us CAUSE – a reason to try treatments and trials for new therapies; not only for our own survival, but for those who follow…

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