Bundles of Hope

Dear Friends,

This year CCF is celebrating 15 years of providing love, comfort, and hope to the cholangiocarcinoma community. We are honored to serve as Co-Chairs of the 15th Anniversary Steering committee. We hope you have been enjoying the monthly “What’s Your 15?” opportunities to remember, reflect and give back to this community we have built.

In honor of the 15-year anniversary, the steering committee has committed to raise $150,000 for research. One of our planned fundraising activities is an online auction which will be held from September 18-October 2. We have already secured some fabulous items including weekend getaways. More details to come.

New Hampshire Bundle of Hope

One component of the event will be the auction of “Bundles of Hope.” Bundles of Hope are curated gift boxes of items representing a state, city, or theme. Examples might include: Beach Fun, Comfort and Care, Game Night, Bar-B-Cue, Just for Kids, Spa Day (making DIY spa towel wrap), or any fun idea you can dream up. A state themed box might contain famous local food products, crafts by a local artist, themed t-shirts, city coffee mugs and much more.

We are inviting our CCF community to sponsor, create, and donate these Bundles of Hope. It is our goal to get at least one bundle from each state. We are requesting that the minimum value of each box be at least $100. We are also asking that each donor commit to shipping the bundle to the winning bidder and cover the cost of shipping. We recommend using the large box from the United States Postal Service Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box (https://www.usps.com/ship/priority-mail.htm). Cost for shipping in the US is $21.90. Because of shipping costs, Bundles of Hope are limited to the United States only.

If you would like to participate, please send us an email to CCFTurns15@cholangiocarcinoma.org by June 1, 2021. We will be limiting the number of Bundles of Hope, to the first 50 people who respond. If you are interested in contributing an item or joining with someone else to create a Bundle of Hope, please let us know and we will try to get you linked up with someone in your area. Please use the enclosed form or online link to provide a complete description of your Bundle. Photos and Descriptions of all items are due by August 1, 2021. They can be uploaded to Dropbox here: Bundles of Hope Descriptions. Please click on the link and follow the instructions.

Please note, that the committee reserves the right to ask that an item(s) be removed from the Bundle. Homemade food, alcohol, or any items not family friendly are not permitted. Thank you for your consideration and for all you do for this community. Please contact Laura Hnat, chief development officer at 330-730-6681 or laura.hnat@cholangiocaricnoma.org with any questions.

With sincere thanks,

Dupont Signature Barbara DuPont
15th Anniversary Co-Chair Kelley sig Kelley Giles
15th Anniversary Co-Chair