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    I don’t hate cancer.  It takes energy to hate and I need all I’ve got to fight it.  It has taken several family members in the last 40 years.  Most recently, my Dad and his older brother.  The treatments are no fun, but they are almost over. I’m not looking forward to constant blood work and scans, but they are needed.  I’m tired of being poked on a weekly basis.  I don’t like thinking about how long I will survive.  It is the elephant in my mind.  I’m stuck at home to avoid COVID and miss hanging with my friends and playing golf.


    I hate that cancer is the first thing I think about when I wake up each morning and the last thing I think about before I fall asleep each night, no matter how much I try to push it out of my thoughts.


    I HATE cancer.
    More to the point . . . I hate hearing about late stage diagnosis.
    Breaks my heart (and makes me angry) that so many patients suffer from lack of early testing.
    I’d love to see a national education program aimed at early detection by Doctors and potential patients.

    IMHO – testing would save a LOT of suffering and money opposed to $100,000s of treatment.
    Testing HAS to be less expensive than treatment.


    Hi Cheree,

    Thank you for posting.  Your thoughts are shared by many of us.  I am sorry that you are not feeling well, and that the cancer and your treatments have so affected your quality of life.  As you describe so eloquently, cancer changes our lives and those of our families in so many ways.  I hope your chemo is keeping the cancer at bay.

    Please know our community is here for you, and please send any questions or concerns our way.  Cancer treatment can be tough and unpleasant at times.  I remember feeling like I had to avoid complaining about that because my family, friends and doctors were all being wonderful and I didn’t want them to worry more.  This board is a safe space to express how you feel.  This particular topic on our board has attracted a lot of authors and readers, and it is appreciated that you took the time to post your thoughts.

    Take care, regards, Mary


    Hi, my name is Cheree and was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma September 23rd 2018. Heres my list of hates so far associated with horrible thing called Cancer…

    I hate Cancer

    I hate having this port although I love it compared to getting stuck 50 times trying to find one vein that works

    I hate going to the hospital for practically everything  knowing Ill be admitted.

    I hate that I lost my hair.

    I hate having to see Doctors twice a week, every week. Even though they are all very compassionate.

    I hate chemo

    I hate never having an appetite

    I hate feeling tired and exhaused all the time

    I hate that my Daughter has to do all the shopping without me, it used to be me and her every Saturday

    I hate the was people feel sorry for me or not give me eye contact.

    I hate that my family is always so sad

    I hate the my Mom died and I dont have my Mom to help me through this

    I hate looking in the mirror at a sickly looking person

    I hate throwing up all the time

    I hate how theres people out there poisoning their bodies purposely with drugs and alcohol while others are fighting for their lives

    I hate thinking I might not be here when my children get married or have babies

    I hate that my doctors tell me my cancer isnt operable or curable. That they are trying to give me a good quality of life.

    I hate waiting rooms, hospital beds and insurance carriers.

    I hate that I could probably go on all day about things I hate but Ill stop here.

    Except Ill say this one again…. I Hate cancer



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    I hate that I cant exercise to the full extreme as much as i use to, I have tried but only get severe fevers.
    I hate that I cant eat what I want, and have to take supplements, other meds, have pains and don’t know what they relate to (ie eating more than I sure, Liver no functioning causing pain etc etc).
    I hate that I feel tied a lot.
    I hate that I have to have a lot of bloods taken.
    I hate that I have my CC is inoperable and incurable.
    I hate that my 16yo daughter is looking after me, doing my juicing, cooking, driving for me – I not incapable its just fatigue settles in.
    I hate that i cant work any longer.
    I hate that I get looked at as dead women walker
    I hate that I have to go to hospital if someone is wrong with me
    I hate that other people have this disease.
    I hate that so much more can go wrong with CC, ie stents can cause pancreatitis, conventional treatment can cause MDT
    I hate that there is much information on google to read and try and understand.
    I am thank you though that there is a CC Foundation where we can all communication to help us understand issues.


    I hate watching buzzards circle my home thinking “not now, not today”

    Irritated feeling so good and yet thinking about this damn stuff all the time. Like, when is the other shoe going to drop.

    Tired of waiting for lab tests (CA 19-9 shows shrinkage, but wait that’s for pancreas, it didn’t light up in PET scan so it doesn’t mean anything). And waiting for next PET scan.

    Annoyed with myself for not asking how many CC patients are in a large facility like MDAnderson in Phoenix (I’ve yet to meet one) This will be my first question when I go back for round four of chemo.

    Devastated when I realized that the medical profession doesn’t have a clue what’s gong on with CC and it’s all a crap shoot.

    Wondering whether I can eat some things with sugar or not.

    Blessed that I have someone to drive me to Chemo and go to classes for cooking, pottery and such. Thankful for supportive kids and grandkids. (You’re gonna kick cancers ass!)

    Yep, this did help!


    I hate that this cancer took my ability to walk normally.

    I hate having to use a wheelchair for ” walking around the mall” or ” doing the theme park”.

    I hate that I can never find the right word…. ever…. that my brain only functions at half the capacity since starting chemo.

    I hate that my left leg swells like a perioge when it is hot or I have walked too much.

    I hate the face that others make when I tell them I have cancer.

    I hate hot flashes.

    I hate that I take a small pharmacy to control my symptoms.

    What do u hate!!Please respond… I think it will be comforting to see what you guys are struggling with….that i am not alone!


    I hate that I have cancer!!!


    II have only posted a few times but thought it was time for a visit. Since I last posted my condition has changed a bit.

    I have a large tumor obstructing my intestine causing a partial blockage. This all started on July 18.

    I hate it that I am on TPN and cannot eat or drink. The tumor is inoperable. My favorite thing in life is to eat and cook . I feel robbed but am adjusting quite well.

    BUT I still love cooking which i do every day.


    Though more than a pet peave…… “fighting with my oncologist as well as having to fight the cancer.”


    This is one of our most loved threads……please don’t hold back….add your comments.



    This beloved thread has been viewed in excess of 15,908 times. There is good reason for the success; because complaints must get out…..try it…here is the place to do so.



    I disliked my side effects so much that I sought specialists in that area to fix or help it. Podiatrists, dermatologist, nutritionist, psychiatrist for chemo brain meds (like Prozac), etc. Feel free to message me in case I have found help or fix. But no insurance and financial security would suck, as does loss of making some progress. I’d call American cancer society to ask questions too for side effects, financial aid, insurance, disability $, anything and everything. They can have a highly experienced and empathetic oncology nurse check into it and call you back.


    Not sure if this one was covered, but how about bracing for impact every time you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, because you’re sore from biliary tubes, surgical incisions, etc?


    Hi- since this came to the top again for new posts, thought I’d share something I did a few weeks back- hope it’s ok that I shared this topic with “another cancer” (my Dad’s lung cancer), I was correct in that it gave other cancer patients a release as well. Although I didn’t use names or mention CC, I hope Hans doesn’t mind that I spread Kri’s’ love and spirit a little bit wider. For any who want to see how Lung cancer members responded, thread is below.


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