Five (really, eight) for Friday - 5(+3) reasons why this is a can't miss conference

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Dear Friends in the Cholangiocarcinoma Community,

For this week’s “5 for Friday”, we changed it up a little bit! We’re proud to present 5 (+3) reasons why this is a can’t-miss conference!

Share ideas with us – If you find a good resource that would help others in this trying time please send it to us. We will share relevant information with our community. The cancer community knows more than most about social distancing and self-quarantining, help us educate the wider community about how to stay safe and how to make others safer.

Please remember, we are here for you!

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New Clinical Trial finder thanks to Ciitizen


Results of a 700 Patient Survey


Updated patient registry


Critical nutritional information from world-renowned William W. Li


Presentation from Deven McGraw- who wrote the HIPPA laws- on patient data rights

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A real-world genomic study announced


Patient friendly biomarkers matter video released


New cBioPortal announced

Reigster Today!

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