Ingrid Tom Phillips

September 2, 1950 – March 26, 2020

Ingrid Tom Phillips was born on the sunny and friendly Caribbean isle of Trinidad in the southern and industrious city of Point Fortin as the last of 11 children. Ingrid, ever studious, matriculated through primary and secondary forms with honours and in 1967 was accepted to attend college in Maracas Valley, Trinidad where she majored in Business.

With sights always set high, Ingrid emigrated from Trinidad to New York City at the age of 20. Soon thereafter she relocated to Washington, DC to work at the World Bank whilst attending university to finish her Bachelor's in Business Administration. She went on to acquire her Master's in Business Administration in 1976. Ingrid's professional career spanned over 35 years working at Booz Allen Hamilton, Weston Solutions, CDSI, and Greenhorne & O'Mara (now Stantec)—in which she last served simultaneously as Comptroller, Vice President, and on the Board of Directors.

Ingrid married Glenn Phillips—whom she met while working in Trinidad—in the summer of 1972 in New York City. Many years later, the couple welcomed a daughter and their only child, Mariette. Ingrid enjoyed her career thoroughly, but loved spending time with her family even more. In her spare time, she also enjoyed antiquing & collecting, reading, hosting, and traveling—especially with Mariette and Glenn.

Ingrid was a deep well of knowledge; a natural problem-solver; and loved life tremendously. So naturally, after being diagnosed with a lesser-known form of cancer she was not deterred, but instead determined to beat it— fighting ever so valiantly. She always remained hopeful—even in the darkest of moments. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with this unrelenting disease on March 26, 2020 after being diagnosed only about a year and a half earlier. During the fight for her life, Ingrid often mentioned how there was not enough attention on and research about this vicious disease. If Ingrid were still among us, we know she would want to help others like her, who are confronted with this aggressive yet abstruse disease. Therefore, this page has been created to facilitate donations made to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation in Ingrid’s honour to specifically fund more cholangiocarcinoma-focused research and resources—in an effort to help those who continue to face this disease and others who may encounter it in the future.


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