Journey of Hope: Day 1

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After a great send off from Ken Garff Honda, Orem, UT, Linda and I began our 15,000 mile journey. With the foundation celebrating its’ 15th anniversary, our first duty was to commence the drive on I-15 northbound. Being from New Jersey, it was great to view the snowcapped peaks of the mountains along the Wasatch Range. Our first official stop was near the Utah state capitol in Salt Lake City, to place a painted rock. We’ll be doing that along the journey, giving people the opportunity to find them and learn more about cholangiocarcinoma. After that we continued northwest on I-84 towards Twin Falls, ID.

Along the way, I spoke with a variety of people about what we were doing; starting to build awareness for cholangiocarcinoma (cca). At a scenic view point 200+ feet above the Snake River at Shoeshone Falls, outside of Twin Falls, I made the mistake of getting out of Linda’s view for a while longer than she expected. When I got back to the car, I spotted her looking over the sheer drop of the bluff, thinking I had disappeared for good. I had to explain that I was merely discussing my trip with other visitors. She calmed down a few minutes later!

That was an eventful way to end the day! I’m truly looking forward to a scheduled stop in Boise, ID tomorrow morning with a group of supporters. After that, we’ll continue our trek west into Oregon, for another day of adventure!

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