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Miles to Date: 9,380  // States Visited: 37 // Towns of Hope Visited: 13

“Pushing a rock, pushing a rock”. As part of my journey, I’m leaving a trail of Hope rocks that Linda painted across the country; in each of the 48 states, and in towns named Hope. The rocks have a label on the back providing a link to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation website. This gives the opportunity for whoever finds one to get more information and post their find on social media. To date, we know that several have been located. I must admit, I’ve forgotten to do this in some locales, so I have had to play catch up in some situations. I’ve also been sneaky in some placement selections; like under a cactus plant in a rock garden yesterday. Whoever finds that one will have to possess a trained eye!

Today’s travels had me starting in Hope, AR, heading 250 miles to Memphis, TN, and then another 225 miles to the greater Nashville, area. I’ve crossed the Mississippi River three times so far on this trip; between IA. & WI., then in LA., and between AR. & TN. When I saw the water levels were high two weeks ago in the northern section, I knew they’d be higher in the southern 1/3 of the country. I’m interested to see what it looks like next week, as I’m heading west through St. Louis, MO.

In Memphis, I had the opportunity for a quick visit with Allison Deragon of the CCF staff. Allison presented me with an original hand-painted JoH T-shirt. It even has Mike O’Langio (the Mutations Matter animated character on it). It’ll come in handy for future stops!

This evening I had the opportunity to spend time with Debbie Rose (warrior) and her husband, Bob (caregiver). We spoke about the challenges of being diagnosed and seeking the best treatment options. This was especially challenging for the Rose’s as this was during the height of Covid-19 visitation restrictions. Yet, even through all this, they still are able to see the blessings they hold in their everyday lives. It’s an honor to meet such people!

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