Journey of Hope: Day 41

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Well, here I am on the eve of the conclusion of my 15,000 mile Journey of Hope. I’ve checked off all the boxes of the milestones I originally set out to achieve. At least I thought I had until I reminded myself tonight of a quote by travel writer, Tim Cahill. He’s known for having said, “A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles”. Whoa! That quickly brought me back to reality as to why and how I originally envisioned this journey many months ago. As I look back on the past 5½ weeks (or so), it’s amazing how many courageous people I’ve met with, and their inspiring stories that have invigorated me daily. Some stories I already had some knowledge of and others were totally unknown. It’s these stories and the ensuing new friendships that I believe will carry forward that are truly the real story. To all of you that I have met with, I thank you for the opportunity. God Bless.

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