Michael Goepfert

Michael Goepfert, 61, succumbed to a nine-month battle with Cholangiocarcinoma, passing away on Sunday February 23, 2020 at his home in Vernon, CT. He is survived by his significant other Mary, his mother, brother, two sisters, five sons, four grandchildren, and many friends.  He was an exceptional father to his five sons who were the center of his life and his pride and joy.  Mike had a passion for life and was an avid cyclist who gave 100% to everything he did.  When three of his five boys were diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he embraced the Race to a Cure riding in the Tour de Cure over the past 18 years, building a team of riders and becoming the top non-corporate fundraiser year in and year out, ultimately raising over $250,000 to help find a cure.  Mike was unstoppable in everything he did. Until his battle with Cholangiocarcinoma.  As the family journeyed with him these last nine months through many peaks and valleys, in hopes that he would beat this cancer, it became obvious to all of us that because this cancer is so rare (7,000 cases/year), it does not get the attention or awareness that it should.  Chemotherapies for ‘similar’ cancer are currently seen as the best hope.  Diagnosis of this cancer remains elusive in its early stages, further limiting the opportunity to successfully bring a patient into full remission.  As a family, and in his honor, we are dedicated to finding a cure for this hideous form of cancer.  We will take our life lessons learned from him and apply a collective passion and persistence in raising money and awareness.  Mike’s battle with CCF has ended.  He fought as valiantly and bravely as anyone could have.  Help us take up that battle in his honor to improve the chances of survival for those who are fighting this cancer with less than optimal treatments.  On behalf of our father, Michael, his significant other and precious grandchildren, and for all those brave individuals currently going through treatment with the hope of survival, we thank you.

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