Mike Shane Memorial Fund

The Mike Shane Memorial Fund helps reduce financial barriers for patients who need a second opinion on their initial diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma*. Purview, a global healthcare technology company, created this fund in memory of Mike Shane, a longtime friend and supporter who passed away on April 28, 2019, after a year-long battle with cholangiocarcinoma.

Mike had the resources to get a second opinion, which was crucial in affirming his diagnosis and determining his course of treatment.

In just over a month, the Mike Shane Memorial Fund has raised more than $25,000. This $25,000 will provide more than 10 patients with a potentially life-changing second opinion!

For more information about the fund, donations, qualifications or to apply for a grant, please visit:


*This fund is supported by donations and will continue to make grants to qualified applicants as long as funds are available.

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