New Year’s Resolution

Welcome to 2024, a year that marks the beginning of a new chapter for all of us at the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Each day brings us closer to our goal: to find a cure for this disease and enhance the quality of life for those bravely facing this challenge.

In this spirit of new beginnings, we invite you to consider how your story intertwines with our mission. A legacy gift can ensure that your commitment to our cause continues to echo into the future. It’s a profound reflection of your dedication, offering lasting hope and support to those on this journey.

Crafting a legacy within your estate plan means you’re not just planning for the future; you’re actively participating in shaping it. Remembering CCF in your estate plan makes you integral to our enduring story of hope and perseverance.

Our Foundation has partnered with FreeWill to offer you a straightforward, cost-free tool to craft this significant chapter. It’s a meaningful way to ensure that your values and vision for a world free from cholangiocarcinoma are realized.

Create My Legacy

As we embark on this new year, let’s unite in writing a narrative of progress, hope, and enduring impact. Your legacy is a powerful testament to the strength and compassion of our community.

Cheers to the new chapters we will write together in the pursuit of a cure.