In honor of Robert Bruce Brown

  • Her editor, her coach, and her biggest supporter, Robert Bruce Brown was the best father Emily could have asked for. And while they never met, Emily can only imagine how their shared love of history, appreciation for craft beer, and equally questionable cycling fashion sense (the only thing worse than seeing the man you are marrying in bike shorts is to see your father in them!) would have endeared Bob and Ben to one another. In 2009, less than a year after diagnosis, Emily lost her father to cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). Because of its rarity, this cancer is still hard to diagnose and not well understood. In honor of their wedding, Emily and Ben have chosen The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation as their charity organization for their guests to donate to, to support finding a cure for this often deadly disease.
  • They graciously thank you for any contribution you can make!

Click here to contribute in the name of Robert Bruce Brown

If you wish to donate by phone, please call (888) 936-6731 and speak with Laurie Kikel. If you wish to donate by mail, send check to:

  • CCF – In honor of Robert Bruce Brown
  • 5526 West 13400 South, #510
  • Herriman, Utah 84096,  USA