Shaun Hope: ‘It Could Be Worse’

Shaun Hope was diagnosed with extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in August 2019. He faced his diagnosis with courage and his famous mantra, “It could be worse.” Shaun was a geek at heart. Even while struggling with fatigue and pain, he worked as long as he was able to. He built an arcade, purchased a 3-D printer to construct a home automation system, and always thought about his next project.

Even on the days that Shaun was extremely ill, he watched his daughters' soccer games and shouted encouragement from the sidelines. He also loved to cook! He spent many happy hours in the kitchen cooking up delicious meals.

Shaun was the happiest when he was with his friends and family. His outlook on his diagnosis was an inspiration to all those he encountered. He made the most of every day and encouraged others to do the same. He truly believed: “It could be worse.”

Sadly, Shaun passed away in April 2021. Even though he is no longer on this earth, his legacy lives on in those he left behind. Shortly after passing, his youngest daughter Emily created a GoFundMe initiative. She made rings in exchange for a donation in Shaun's honor. By the end of the fundraiser, she was able to donate $16,175 to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

While Shaun was unable to take advantage of research and treatment options, his family's wish is that other families will reap the benefits of their donation and know that they are never alone.

The Foundation joins Shaun Hope’s family in celebrating his life and expresses its condolences to their loss. Thank you, Hope family, for this generous donation that will help fund critical CCA research.