Silvia Navarro Hodlewsky

7/15/1967 - 11/18/2019

On November 18, 2019, a cherished friend and member of our community, Silvia Hodlewsky lost a courageous six and a half month battle with cancer (a rare bile duct cancer called intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma). Silvia was the loving wife to Andre Hodlewsky, and a wonderful mother to her two daughters Ariana and Alexis. In celebration of her life and to honor her memory, we are initiating a fund-raising campaign for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

In 2019, the Foundation will establish the “Silvia Hodlewsky Memorial Research Fellowship”. The grant will award $50,000 to young investigators who propose groundbreaking advances in cholangiocarcinoma research. Priority will be given to novel studies that lead to earlier and more accurate diagnosis and increased survival rates for patients. Please consider making a contribution to this important initiative in Silvia’s memory. The Hodlewsky family and their friends thank you for honoring Silvia’s memory by accelerating research for this devastating disease.

Click here to contribute in the name of Silvia Navarro Hodlewsky

If you wish to donate by phone, please call (888) 936-6731 and speak with Laurie Kikel. If you wish to donate by mail, send check to:

CCF – In honor of Silvia Navarro Hodlewsky
5526 West 13400 South, #510
Herriman, Utah 84096,  USA