Taramattie Sinanan

Dear family and friends,

First of all, on behalf of our entire family, we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us during this very difficult time. Your words of support, encouragement and kindness have meant so much to us, and have helped us to begin our journey of living in a world without mom. Although she may no longer be physically here with us, her voice, smile, love and warmth will surround us all forever.

Gallbladder cancer is one of the most rare forms of cancer and only if detected early are the chances of remission and survival quite high (Mayo Clinic). Most of the time this form of cancer is caught in the later stages because there aren’t any specific signs or symptoms, and by this time chances of remission and survival are quite low (Mayo Clinic). In addition, there aren’t many organizations that actually focus on the research and development of treatments for gallbladder cancer. In fact, other than the standard stream of treatments currently being used, most other medical options are based on medical trials.

One thing mom loved doing was fundraising for great causes. Anytime the temple was hosting a fundraising event or even our schools, mom would be the first person to call all of her family members and friends and encourage them to make a donation. She believed in the power of community togetherness and bringing people together for a great cause. Mom also always encouraged everyone to look into their own health and most importantly to educate themselves on what was going on in their bodies. After accepting her cancer diagnosis she was more determined than ever to ensure that she shared her message of self health education and awareness.

So, in memory of our beloved mom we are humbly asking you today to make a donation to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation in her name. This foundation is absolutely amazing and worth all the donations in the world because it supports cancer patients like mom who are suffering from gallbladder and bile duct cancer. Every year they host a conference with a panel of scholars, doctors, survivors and fighters who share breakthrough medical information on the fight against these forms of cancer. They also have weekly caregiver and patient support groups (among others) that are so helpful and supportive. This foundation is one of a kind and it would mean the world to us if you could show your love for mom by making a donation of a minimum of $25.00. All of the money gathered from the fundraiser is also going to go towards this foundation.

Every dollar counts in the fight against gallbladder cancer. Let’s band together and make mom proud!

With immense love and appreciation,
The Sinanan Family Taramattie Sinanan To contribute in the name of Taramattie Sinanan

If you wish to donate by phone, please call (888) 936-6731 and speak with Laurie Kikel. If you wish to donate by mail, send check to:

CCF – In honor of [wpbb post:title]
5526 West 13400 South, #510
Herriman, Utah 84096,  USA