Take Control of Your Health Data

By joining our CCF Patient Registry, your un-identified health information will provide important data to researchers to better understand cholangiocarcinoma and help develop new treatment options.

To assist you with gathering your health information, CCF has partnered with Ciitizen to help our patients, at no cost to you, collect your health data, and should you choose, share it back with the CCF Patient Registry.

The collection of all of your health data in one secure place will allow you to:

Have a complete medical record that you control at all times

Coordinate your care with loved ones and your care team

More easily get second opinions and understand clinical trial eligibility


Melinda Bachini

"As a 10 year survivor of cholangiocarcinoma, I was not surprised to learn that Ciitizen gathered more than 4,000 pages of my medical history. It’s been so beneficial for me to have all my records in one easy-to-read, searchable format.”


Greg Metzler

"When it comes to battling cancer, there are not many no-brainers, however signing up with Ciitizen is one of them. The registration could not have been easier. We have already started to get information from a couple of the hospitals and Ciitizen has also provided updates from those institutions that have been slower to respond. It's great knowing my cancer bio info has been gathered, is in one place and can be shared as quickly as needed."


Stacie Lindsey

"The importance of your personal health data to advance science in cholangiocarcinoma is critical.  You can help yourself and future patients by uploading your medical records into the Ciitizen platform and consenting to contribute the information to the CCF patient registry." 

Help us meet our goal of 250 sign-ups by August!

Visit Ciitizen at ciitizen.com/ccf to sign-up and request your health records.  It is quick and easy!


Patients have signed up to get their health records through Ciitizen

as of 5/14/19, 3:00pm (EST)

Getting started is so easy, it only takes a few minutes...

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