Webinar: Clinical Trial Finder

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CCF and Ciitizen launch first of it's kind Clinical Trial matching powered by a patient's complete medical history, automatically.

Please join us for a conversation diving into the importance of clinical trials for all patients, but in particular Cholangiocarcinoma patients, and how Ciitizen makes accessing this invaluable treatment option even easier no matter where you receive care.
Melinda Bachini will share her experience as a clinical trial participant and Martin Naley from Ciitizen will share data on why clinical trials are critical for all patients to explore before Sophia Cornew from Ciitizen overviews the new Clinical Trial matching service launching on Sept. 24th to the entire Cholangiocarcinoma Community.
  • Martin Nealy runs the Clinical Trail Informatics program at Ciitizen and previously was the let the Biden Cancer Initiative's Clinical Trials Acceleration Program.
  • Martin brings a robust and diverse background spanning molecular biology, Life Technologies and as the founder of a company that helped patients obtain and use their genomic test results in their fight against cancer. While at the Biden Cancer Initiative (BCI), he launched a program called the Oncology Clinical Trial Information Commons, which was a cross-sector consortium effort to create a harmonized, structured knowledge base about cancer trials for the purpose of Clinical Trial matching. When BCI closed its operations in 2019 as Joe Biden began his presidential run, Martin joined the Ciitizen team where he has led our development of a Clinical Trial matching system that we are presenting today.
  • Sophia Cornew leads Ciitizen's Partnership Team, bringing together non-profit advocacy organizations, health systems and industry to better serve patients.
  • Sophia's experience brings together a diverse understanding of the healthcare ecosystem & financial markets. Her focus at Ciitizen is on creating a robust network of partners across the non-profit and commercial space capable of together, creating new structural approaches to patient-driven research. In addition, she oversees the implementation of Ciitizen's Clinical Trail Matching program.